Please remember the-saleroom has increased live bidding fees – now 5% plus VAT on the hammer price

Sale to start at 10.00am

Viewing Tuesday 6th 11.00am – 6.30pm and 9.00 – 10.00am morning of sale


  1. A pair of Turn Wein porcelain figures: fisherman and wife, in muted browns and gilt (slight chips to base of man


  1. A Beswick bay horse (ear a.f.); 3 Beswick colts; 2 china shire horses with tack; 3 Royal Staffs, others


  1. A pair of modern table lamps with Greek pattern; a composition figure of a woman and silvered glass stand; a 1930’s style covered vase


  1. A Lladro group of ducks and ducklings; 2 Nao geese and 2 Nao ducks and a group of 2 Nao ducks


  1. A collection of china thimbles; a selection of ‘0’ gauge railway track etc


  1. A selection of David Winter and Lilliput Lane cottages


  1. A 19th century novelty twisted glass walking stick filled with 100s & 1000s


  1. 10 Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates 1933/4/5/6/7 and 1985/6/7/8/9


  1. A Royal Copenhagen vase depicting a standing stone; a Royal Copenhagen cup & saucer


  1. A Royal Copenhagen figure of a seated faun playing the Pan Pipes, designed by Christian Thompnsen, model 1736; a Lladro figure ”girl with rabbit”


  1. A Royal Doulton figure ”Maureen” with impressed date, signed with monogram (chip to hat)


  1. 4 Royal Doulton dogs, Alsatian HN1116; Spaniel HN2510; Bull dog HN1044; Corgi HN2558;


  1. 4 Royal Doulton dogs, Scottie (ear chipped); Boxer HN2643; Sheep dog HN1058; Spaniel HN1055


  1. 5 Royal Doulton dogs, Spaniel HN1036; Dachshund HN1128; Labrador HN2667; Dalmatian HN1113; Spaniel HN1050



  1. A Royal Doulton figure ”Southern Belle” HN2229, a Lladro figure ”boy in hat”, a Ltd edition figure ”Neil Fairbrother” (Lancashire & England cricketer) with certificate etc


  1. A Royal Worcester Limited edition figure Hyperion number 424 on wooden plinth with certificate


  1. A Royal Worcester Limited edition figure Hyperion number 91 on wooden plinth with certificate


  1. A Royal Worcester Limited edition figure Arkle number 252 on wooden plinth with certificate


  1. 4 Royal Doulton ”Queens of the Realm” figures – Queen Victoria HN3125, Queen Anne HN3141, Queen Elizabeth HN3099, Mary Queen of Scots HN3142


  1. A Royal Doulton Ltd Edition figure – Lady Jane Grey HN3680 1342/5000


  1. 2 Royal Doulton figures – Flora HN2349, Biddy Penny Farthing HN1843


  1. 3 Royal Doulton Ltd Edition figures Faith HN3082, Hope HN3061 and Charity HN3087


  1. A Royal Doulton figure ”Votes for Women” HN2816 – placard small hairline crack and wear to one corner


  1. A Royal Doulton figure Noelle HN 2179, 2 small Royal Doulton figures Sunday Best HN3218 and Top O The Hill HN 2126


  1. A Royal Doulton figure ”Good King Wenceslas” HN 2118


  1. Royal Doulton figure – Jester HN 2016


  1. Royal Doulton figure – Pied Piper HN 2012


  1. Royal Doulton figure – The Mask Seller HN 2103


  1. Royal Doulton figure – Newsboy HN 2244


  1. Royal Doulton figure – Sir Winston Churchill HN 3057; A Wedgwood black basalt figure Josiah Wedgwood FRS 1730 – 1795 (hand off); Guardsman figure (a.f.)


  1. Royal Doulton group – The Potter HN 1493


  1. Royal Doulton group – The Flower Seller’s Children HN 1342


  1. A Wedgwood Ltd edition Galaxy collection figure – Sun King number 203 (no staff/shield)


  1. 3 Royal Worcester figures of children – Tuesday’s Child 3534; Snowball; Snowy – modelled by F.G. Doughty


  1. 4 Coalport figures – ”Beau Mond Jo”; ”In Love; Kerry”; ”True Love” and ”Caroline”; 4 Coalport cottages


  1. 2 Coalport Ltd edition figures Elizabeth Woodhouse – ‘‘The Boy”; ”Visiting Day”, a Francesca Art figure ”Saturday’s Child” and a Royal Worcester figure ”Emily” (a.f.) and ”Masquerade” (a.f.)


  1. 7 small Wedgwood bisque figures Vauxhall Gardens collection – ”Grace”, ”Hope”, ”Verity”, ”Faith”, ”Honour”, ”Patience” (arm a.f.) and ”Charity”


  1. 2 Hummel figures girl with chickens and a boy with rocking horse; a Lladro Goose and puppy; a Rosenthal rat


  1. 6 small Royal Doulton Dickens character jugs and 14 tiny Royal Doulton Dickens character jugs


  1. 7 Royal Doulton character jugs Henry VIII and his 6 wives (large)


  1. A collection of 28 Francesca Arts thimbles, Kings, Queens and famous figures on rack; a collection of Wedgwood Jasperware thimbles (on rack) and other collector’s thimbles (on rack), a selection of Victorian style dolls


  1. A collection of approx 24 modern pottery cow creamers; Westland cow creamer


42A.   Ten originally boxed Cow Parade figures including Udderly Groovy Lady Bell Bennet etc


  1. A large selection of modern collector’s china/metal thimbles


  1. 2 Border Fine Arts cow creamers and approx 30 other cow creamers including Jersey and other souvenir examples


  1. A collection of approx 8 souvenir butter dishes and approx 14 Toby Jugs and 3 novelty teapots


  1. A collection of Rington’s blue and white pottery including 2 millennium covered vases; coffee pot; ginger jar and 2 octagonal dishes


  1. 2 originally boxed Rington’s Royal commemorative dishes; Rington’s blue & white and colander plates and other blue and white plates etc.


  1. 4 originally boxed Rington’s storage jars; Rington’s teddy teapot and biscuit barrel; Rington’s diecast cars etc.


  1. A selection of Franklin Mint and other penguin figures (approx 23)


  1. A selection of Xmas related ornaments etc.


  1. A selection of gilt china ornaments, trinket ware etc


  1. A Doulton Burslem china biscuit barrel with metal mount, 3 oak biscuit barrels


  1. A 19th century English bone china tea service with hand enamelled floral decoration in gilt decorated blue ground comprising teapot (spout a.f.), sugar bowl, cream jug and 4 cups with 8 saucers and a 6 x 6 dish


  1. A 1930’s Plant Tuscan 15 piece coffee set and a selection of pewter ware


  1. A seated Betty Boop nurse figure, a Betty Boop cup, saucer and plate; 2 Nao figures of girls (one a.f.) a Victorian style doll ”Knightsbridge” Heirloom Collection



  1. A Pendelfin ”Toy Shop”; 3 boxed Pendelfin figures ”Pirate Patch”, ”Nipper”, ”Shrimpy”’ and 1 unboxed ”Sunny”; 7 Mabel Lucy Attwell figures



  1. An unusual framed and boxed Wedgwood black basalt plaque Metropolitan Police 1829-1979 with certificate; a similar Wedgwood plate for Metropolitan Police with certificate; a Royal Doulton London Bobby character jug, 2 brass Police related items and a Beswick horse


  1. A Franklin porcelain Stein ”The Game Bird” with certificate; 2 other German steins


  1. A Franklin porcelain ”The Barn Owl” on wooden stand with certificate; 4 collector’s plates and a frame and glazed embroidered silk picture


  1. A selection of collectors’ plates


  1. A floral Atlas china part tea service; a Japan pattern tea service


  1. A Lladro figure of a woman followed by a goose (1 finger a.f.); similar Lladro figure with goose/puppy; Lladro figure of a goose


  1. 2 Lladro angel figures and a Nao figure of a girl wearing a nightdress


  1. A Lladro group of a girl feeding geese


  1. A Lladro group of girl pulling along a young girl and puppy in cart


  1. A small selection of Wedgwood Jasperware, Mason’s ironstone dish, a Victorian commemorative cup and saucer etc.


  1. A 1930’s Art Deco Brentleigh number 2 jug decorated with berries and green leaves



  1. A BESWICK figure of a pig CH Wallboy 53, another Beswick pig and a selection of china bells, composition figures


  1. A Clarice Cliff cup and saucer decorated in the Branch and Squares pattern



  1. A Clarice Cliff art deco teapot decorated in the Sunrays pattern, 10” length and a matching octagonal bowl (flat chip to rim)



  1. A Clarice Cliff art deco teapot decorated in the Blue Autumn pattern, 10” length


  1. A set of Royal Worcester porcelain cabinet cups and saucers decorated with fruit on mossy banks, signed by various artists including Lockyer, Phillips, Hart, Harper and Ricketts in original presentation case, puce mark with date code for 1918


  1. A large 19th century stoneware teapot; a slipper bath, children’s Noddy teaware; Wade Humpty Dumpty and Royal Worcester white dinner and teaware


  1. A selection of novelty tea pots, character jugs etc


  1. 3 Nat West Pig money boxes with stoppers; drip glazed vase and other collectables


  1. A Clarice Cliff Queen Elizabeth II Coronation souvenir tea set comprising 5 cups, 5 saucers and 6 plates


  1. A simulated ivory Geisha girl; 2 ceramic figures; a pair of Staffordshire cats; a fairy and a rabbit


  1. A Royal Doulton figure ”The Balloon Seller” HN1315; a B & G figure; a Lladro cherub and similar girl with rose etc


  1. Ten modern glass paperweights by Caithness, Wedgwood, Waterford etc


  1. Six Nao and similar figures; a novelty decanter; a Murano table lamp (a.f.) and figure


  1. A Beswick Shire Horse with plaited gold mane; a Sylvac Pixie bowl and dog etc


  1. A Royal Doulton figure ‘The Parson’s daughter’ HN 564


  1. A 1950’s Goebel Hummel figure Mountaineer No 315; a Japanese vase and a Portmeirion bowl with handles



  1. A selection of Royal Crown Derby ‘Derby Posies’ tea ware, 12 pieces



  1. A Royal Doulton figure ‘Elaine’ HN3214; a Coalport figure, a Royal Doulton character jug ‘Long John Silver’ and decorative items


  1. A 1960’s Sklo Union purple glass vase by Jiri Brabec


  1. A German porcelain 21 piece cabinet coffee set in deep blue and gilt with 6 silver-plated spoons and tongs


Miscellaneous Collectors’ Items:


  1. An Arts and Crafts style collector’s cabinet


  1. A leather bottle flask and a Japanned tin box


  1. A set of 6 silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1938; a stained wood pipe rack, other items


  1. A box of various ephemera etc


  1. A 1930’s chrome cased gent’s pocket watch, various collectables


  1. A silver and enamel Tobacco Trader’s medallion, a cosmopolitan Sunday Football League medal and a silver watch chain, other medals



  1. A 19th century mahogany lap desk; a Victorian foot stool with needlework seat


  1. 2 pairs of Pince Nez; vintage cigarette lighters, pens etc


  1. A selection of collectables including gas masks, AA badge, clay pipes, pen knives etc


  1. A vintage 1960’s Bush radio; 2 portable typewriters


  1. A mounted foxes head and brush, horns etc


  1. A Victorian parasol; 2 Victorian hand held face screens; the embossed screens with pencil sketch miniature ”Cheadle Church” and ”Conway Castle”; a 19th century hand painted silk fan on bone sticks (a.f.)


  1. A 1960’s vintage lot, kitchenalia, whatnot, magazine rack, scales, glasses


  1. A Great Western Railway poster 1930 ”Arrangements in case of fire”, frame and glazed; a British Rail overnight sleeper blanket


  1. A pair of 1950’s cycle shop stands advertising ”Hercules” bicycles


  1. A mid-20th century amusement wall mounted bagatelle type game with balls


  1. An early 20th century Salvation Army metal wall crest ”Blood & Fire” in 2 sections


  1. An Infral 1950’s wall mounted health/heat lamp with 4 adjustable lights (sold as collector’s items only)


  1. A set of 3 small folding occasional tables


  1. A contemporary ”designer” circular glass occasional table on a white pedestal


  1. A Victorian style 3 branch glass centre light with cut drops; a selection of vintage and Royal commemorative tins


  1. 3 vintage Omega cigarette lighter, cigarette cases, compacts etc.


  1. A Sanyo projector; a vintage ”Roman Slide” projector; a collection of modern African masks


  1. A folding 1920’s cake stand, 3 vintage school certificates; 8 cigarette card albums; 6 tea card albums and loose cards


  1. 2 GPO red telephones


  1. A Dunhill black enamel cigarette lighter


  1. An S.T. DuPont s/p engine turned cigarette lighter


  1. An S.T. DuPont gilt mounted dark blue ”Laque de Chine” fountain pen (internal collar chipped)


  1. A white metal ball point by Tiffany & Co stamped 925 the clip with pennant flags in coloured enamel spelling ”Tiffany”


  1. A vintage portable typewriter; a 20th century World Globe; a black plaster lion and lioness


  1. An enamelled ”Stella Artois’ ‘sign, 2 framed collages – beer posters and beer mats


  1. A GPO leather holdall, a GPO leather tool kit holder; a vintage cream telephone 8746G all in wooden carrying box


  1. An early 20th century money box in the form of a tank, patent 1918


  1. A Castrol sign mounted


  1. A Woodbine sign mounted


  1. Two framed sets of tea cards Royal and fish


  1. A selection of collectable tins including razors etc


  1. A Victorian photograph album bound in leather


  1. A cased Ronson lighter; a set of shaving equipment; a collection of diecast advertising vehicles


  1. An 18th century wooden boot jack in the form of a pistol with hinged opening


  1. A reproduction Art Deco simulated ivory and gilt metal figure of a dancing woman on coloured marble effect base


  1. A collection of souvenir spoons on 3 wall racks


  1. 9 collector’s plates depicting railways; books, videos etc relating to railways


  1. A 1930’s oak cased chiming wall clock; a print of a train


  1. A cast iron railway sign marker zero; a cast iron BR signal sign; 2 oval cast iron railway signs


  1. A British Rail station sign for Bolton on Dearne made from cast metal


  1. A large cast iron Midland Railway sign, black background with white writing 7 Vict Cap 18 secs 238 enacts ”That if any person shall be……etc”


  1. A Fry’s Chocolate ”Five Boys” pictorial enamel sign, the boys faces coloured by Chromo Wolverhampton (some loss to the enamel, some rusting in areas, repainted) height 22” length 30”



  1. A Singer electric sewing machine model 222K in original box complete with accessories etc. (sold as a collector’s item only)



  1. A selection of bus items etc; related stamps; motoring and transport books


  1. A Concord simulated leather wallet; Concord memorabilia including brochure, certificate, stationery, luggage label, ticket etc.



  1. A Singer hand operated sewing machine in a wooden case with attachments


  1. A selection of table and other linen


  1. A set of 12 EPNS spoons and a quantity of collectables


  1. A model gaff rigged fishing boat in glass case; 2 scale model vintage fire engines; a turned wood model spinning wheel (a.f.)


  1. A metal mounted Chinese snuff bottle, corkscrews, military epaulettes, collector’s items etc.


  1. 2 African carved busts with sections of original tree faces carved between


  1. An original Art Deco 1930’s shop advertising German shop sign / show card (translates as ‘This is my Christmas Joy’ Mouson)



  1. A quantity of Indentures, deeds etc on vellum mainly 19th century


  1. A selection of photos in black and white showing various steam trains
  2. A selection of pamphlets on the Massey-Harris drill and similar equipment


  1. A selection of pamphlets on Massey-Harris equipment


  1. An iridescent scent spray


  1. A Philips Art Deco arched top mains radio in simulated wood case in T1856; a vintage cased portable typewriter


  1. A 19th century 4 section brass and leather telescope; a military style German felt cap ”Robert Lubstein, Berlin 1942”


  1. An early 20th century scratch built copper, brass and wooden replica of a cannon on carriage, cannon 13” full length 16”


  1. A modern gilt five branch candelabra; 2 1970’s style light fitting; a frosted glass floral shaped ceiling light fittings


  1. 2 ceiling light fittings


  1. A Knight in armour companion set, 6 19th century flat irons and decorative metalware


  1. A 19th century plaster relief with classical figures 6″ x 11″, framed; a Corgi 1902 State Landau, Silver Jubilee 1977, in original box; a collection of cards in album


  1. MERSEY TUNNEL, Liverpool, a black Vitrolite panel 16 x 12” together with a commemorative plaque; various other collectables


  1. 2 large 1 sheet cinema foyer posters ”Matrix Reloaded” and ”Men in Black 2”



  1. 3 large 1 sheet cinema foyer posters ”Johnny English”, ”About a Boy” and another


  1. A 19th century copper and brass warming pan and ornamental brassware; a set of kitchen scales and weights


  1. 3 Victorian cast iron and glass oil lamps, various oil lamps, shades and chimneys etc


  1. A cast iron railway plate ”B334995” etc


  1. A 19th century rosewood cased Geometry set; a selection of collectable items and bric a’ brac; conical carved shell napkin rings


  1. A 1930’s oak stick stand and a collection of sticks including a Chinese carved bamboo stick, silver mounted sticks etc


  1. A 1930’s Bakelite cased Bush D A C 90 mains radio; a 1970’s Bush portable TV
  2. ARP Light Rescue Party tin box and a bedpan


  1. A selection of lighters including Ronson and others, some advertising examples


  1. A life-long Stirling silver propelling pencil engraved ”Gloria”, a gold plated Parker propelling pencil, two Parker fountain pens, two others



  1. A MONTBLANC BOHEME fountain pen with retractable twist action with 14k white gold nib marked 1810, black stone to clip, reference number GS1061772



  1. A metal mounted Chinese snuff bottle, corkscrews, military epaulets, collectors’ item


  1. Three coral necklaces: other similar necklaces


  1. A cast iron metal railway sign, oval GNR 196


  1. A selection of pub advertising items including Mackeson and Senior Service illuminated signs etc; a ‘Bar Tender’ automaton toy (a.f.)


  1. Two 1970’s ivory coloured telephones, spare handset; a metronome


  1. A Jaguar car mascot and a collection of enamelled car marque plaques


  1. A Rotary gent’s watch and others, various cufflinks


  1. A selection of EPNS cutlery in mahogany case, other EPNS


  1. A cased set of fish knives and forks with servers, silver handles, 2 similar sets


  1. Four reproduction metal signs ‘Ferrari’, ‘Pepsi Cola’, etc and an American car number plate


  1. A vintage enamel sign ‘Harrimans Pure Tea’, length 16.5″


  1. A vintage glass sign ‘Wills Woodbines’ on wall bracket


  1. A glass and chrome 2-height display cabinet and display shelf unit


  1. A green leather effect collector’s case with a selection of lights, collectables etc inside, button hooks etc


Wine and Spirits:


  1. A bottle of Bols
  2. One boxed bottle of Chivas Regal 26 2/3 floozy. 75% proof and another unboxed
  3. A bottle of The Glenmorangie 75cl, 4%vol whiskey Highland Malt


  1. One bottle of boxed Dimple Scotch Whiskey and another


  1. A bottle of Courvoisier three star luxe Cognac 70% proof, 24 fl.oz. a bottle of Drossarc Napoleon French Brandy 68cl 37.4% vol


  1. 4 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 4 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 4 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 4 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 4 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 5 originally boxed Bells commemorative Whisky decanters with contents



  1. 2 bottles of St Veran 1993 wine; a bottle of Beaujolais and a bottle of Calera Chardonnay 1992


  1. A bottle of vintage Port Gonzales Byass 1960


  1. A bottle of vintage Port Messias 1969


  1. A late 19th century/early 20th century bottle of Armagnac wax seal to top of cork broken, label stained, level bottom of neck in wooden box


  1. Six bottles of 1972 Cotes du Rhone, Domaine de la Chartreuse, and 2 bottles of Grands Vins D’Anjou, rose d’Anjou


Sporting Interest:


  1. A selection of mahogany sea fishing reels


  1. Two fly reels and a large sea fishing reel by Seiko


  1. A Limited edition print of Old Trafford 1992 signed by Mike Watkinson and the players framed and glazed; a shooting stick


  1. MUFC – Famous Teams in football history, Manchester United 1958 and bearing 6 signatures



  1. MUFC – Cup tie Stars of All Nations, 3 cards bearing signatures of Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law and Harry Gregg


  1. BOXING – photograph of Harry Tommy and Dominic Pye bearing signatures, other unrelated ephemera including an album with speedway riders


  1. WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS – 1960 card bearing signatures, other signed cards


  1. An autograph book with 1960’s/70’s cricketers including Statham , Cowdrey, D’Olivera, Underwood, Australia & New Zealand touring teams, Australia Touring side, 1972 autographs of Hampshire County Cricket Club


  1. A framed First Day cover ”St Andrews Royal Ancient”; 4 humorous gold cartoons and 5 golfing cigarette cards


  1. WASIM AKRAM – signed Benefit Year programme 1998; other sports autographs including Steve Cram, Steve Ovett and Alan Wells


  1. FLORENCE GRIFFITH JOYNER – ”FloJo”, autograph and 6 others including Linford Christie


  1. ”THE INDOMITABLES” – England Rugby League Touring Team 1946, autograph sheet, various programmes


  1. A 1950’s autograph album Russian and other athletics, 2 other albums of sport star autographs


  1. A West Indies cricket team autograph team sheet 1933, other similar period county autographs in album; 2 other similar albums


  1. MUFC – a page of autographs 1941 team in a fine album of single and team autographs 1941 – 43 including Matt Busby when a Liverpool F.C. player; the remainder of the album with West Indies and other cricket related autographs of the same period


  1. A cased Jian Ying handmade billiard cue


  1. A set of Pro Calibre custom craft golf irons; metal woods; 2 golf bags and 2 vintage hickory shafted clubs


  1. A large selection of Manchester United books and collectables


  1. 2 framed & glazed Manchester United photos George Best and Sir Mat Busby with signature for each on note paper


  1. A set of bowls – 6 and 1 jack inlaid with mother of pearl made by G&T Royal, Tib Street Manchester


  1. BOXING a pair of colour prints after Ryley: Daniel Mendoza and Randall the Irish Lad, 11 x 14” framed and glazed




  1. BERT TRAUTMANN – signed autobiography, 1956, DON REVIE – signed autobiography, 1955, another by Roy Paul and Manchester City The Mercer Allison Years signed Tony Book et al



  1. 4 albums of 1960’s – 80’s sports stars


  1. Blackpool F C, August 29 ’52, team autographs over 2 sheets in album


  1. Manchester United F C, Harry Gregg autograph with others in album, early 1950’s


Coins and Banknotes:


  1. A Tiffany 925 note clip; a silver menu holder; a silver ingot pendant etc


  1. A silver watch chain with 9 carat fob and another silver watch chain


  1. A quantity of GB copper coins


  1. A quantity of World coins


  1. A collection of mainly GB coinage including year sets, crown QV – QEII


  1. USA 1 cents 1865 & 1905 Indian Head; Army and Navy token


  1. A Prince Edward Island 1 cent token 1871, 1857 self-government Free Trade token


  1. An Austrian Ducat 1780 proof


  1. USA medals (issued by Whitehouse) x 3 office of assistant secretary (1 awarded to General B.B Bell)


  1. Bahamas proof set 1972 (9 coins – 4 silver)


  1. Decimal coins (album) 2 & 1 pound, 50p coins inc. Beatrix Potter, Olympics etc (some duplicates)


  1. GB silver coins, Gothic Florin 1888 2/-, 2/6 1874 – 1890 – 1930 2/- – 15 x 6d 1920’s – 1940’s, 2017 1oz Britannia


  1. A selection of coins & banknotes, coin sets 1953 -1992, E Co set of coins and coin covers 2 x 2p (silvered) & 1p


  1. Turkey 1 Para 1223 – 1308 (Mahmud the 2nd) Byzantine Empire Imanwell 1st Comnenus, Tretrateron 1143 – 1180 AD, Genghis Khan copper coin (circa 1200)


  1. USA Canal Bank dated 18- Confederate 20 dollars 1864, 5 cents 1863, 10 cents 1863, 10 cents 1874


  1. A set of Mexico 1914 Peso, 5 pesos, 20 pesos



  1. Stockton on Tees 5 pound banknote 1886 (cut cancel)


  1. A Paraguay 5 pesos 1907 E.F. and a Poland 500 Zloty 1919


  1. A French test note and an English test note


  1. Three Russian banknotes; 1909 25 roubles, 1918 1000 roubles, 1919 10.000 roubles


  1. A 1794 France 5 Livres; a Mozambique 20 centavos 1933 specimen and a Canada 25 cents 1900


  1. An album of over 80 Austrian – German (not geld) banknotes


  1. An album of banknotes world and Commonwealth


  1. A group of GB banknotes 10 pound notes (Cleland) 5 consecutive – 4 have errors on reverse


  1. A small coin album with decimal bronze 1/2d, penny, 2d from early 1970’s to 2010


  1. BANK OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a group of 15 share certificates dated 1830 with typed letter of explanation


  1. A 1812 Sheffield ”Overseers of the Poor” 1d token; 2 Geo Halfpennies and a selection of pre-decimal coins: A FA Cup Centennial programme 1959 – 60 Sheffield v Blackburn Rovers and other Sheffield Wednesday ephemera


  1. A selection of World Bank notes etc



  1. A selection of pre-decimal and other coins



  1. A selection of various Chinese bank notes



  1. Two albums containing pre decimal pennies etc; a selection of stamps


  1. 2 American silver dollars 1886/7; 3 Crowns and a presentation plaque and 3 other coins


  1. A collection of Royal Mint UK proof coin collections 1972 – 1981


  1. A collection of Royal Mint UK proof coin collections 1982 – 1991


  1. A collection of Royal Mint UK proof coin collections 1983 and 1992 – 2000


  1. A collection of GB coins in album



  1. Two silver GB crowns, other crowns, 2 Decimal sets


  1. A selection of pre 1947 GB silver coins, an 1819 half-crown, a selection of copper coins, various commemorative medals


  1. A silver medal commemorating 100 years of Country Cricket in postal covers, various coins, medals etc


  1. A quantity of GB coins mainly 1d’s


  1. A quantity of GB and foreign coins


  1. A selection of GB crowns


  1. A US silver dollar; a Queen Anne half-crown 1708; 6 Roman bronze coins etc


  1. NYASALAND PROTECTORATE GV Ten pounds used (lightened cancellation); an album containing US commemorative covers; 3 further albums of covers



  1. A GB GVI high value arms set SG476 – 478B unmounted mint most with margins



  1. A Gold Coast in printed hingeless album 1875 – 1981 mint and used EdVIII to 2/- GV to 5/-



  1. A QV 1d Red Plates Collection plate 71 to 224 (number 77) used in mixed condition



  1. A quantity of British Commonwealth stamps all eras mint and used, high values items, albums, stockcards etc.



  1. A Worldwide box file all eras mint and used high value items; albums, stockcards etc.



  1. A selection of pre-decimal and other bronze and silver coins


  1. A collection of coins including commemorative crowns, Victorian and later and medallions



  1. A selection of pre-decimal copper, silver and other coins


  1. 3 RAF commemorative postal covers with 5 pound coins and a collection of other similar cover
  2. A collection of D Day landings commemorative coins and a similar collection of coins


  1. 3 QEII 5 pound crowns and other coins


  1. A selection of GB coins etc


  1. A Bank of Scotland £5 note; 2 English £1 notes and others


  1. A selection of British coins including pre-decimal etc and a selection of world coins


  1. A selection of GB silver and copper coinage


  1. GB 3 silver proof crowns: QEII 80th Birthday 2006, QEII 90th Birthday 2016, QEII 60th Anniversary of Coronation 2013


  1. GB 4 silver proof crowns: QEII Golden Jubilee 2002, Longest Reigning Monarch 2015, Diamond Wedding 2007 and HM Queen Mother Memorial, 2002


  1. GB 4 silver proof crowns: Restoration of the Monarchy 2010, QV Centenary 2001, Royal Wedding Prince William 2011 and Prince George Christening 2013


  1. GB 3 silver proof Britannia 2 pound coins 2009, 2010, 2011


  1. GB 3 silver proof 50 pence pieces, cased and 3 other silver proof coins


  1. GB 5 silver proof 2 pound coins


  1. GB 4 silver proof crowns, Charles & Diana Wedding 1981, H.M. Queen Mother, 80th Birthday 1980, QEII 70th Birthday, 1996 and Princess Diana Memorial 1997


  1. GB WINSTON CHURCHILL 50th Anniversary, 2015, silver proof 5 pound coin, 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, 2015 5 pound and another 5 pound coin commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar 2005


  1. GB 4 silver 2 pound proof coins


  1. GB 6 silver 1 pound proof coins, a silver proof 50p piece


  1. GB 9 silver 1 pound proof coins


  1. GB 3 silver 5 pound proof coins: H.M. Queen Mother Centenary, 2000, QEI Commemorative 2008, HRH Prince of Wales 60th Birthday 2008


  1. GB 4 silver 5 pound coins, HM Queen Mother 90th Birthday 1990, QEII 40th Anniversary of Coronation 1993, QEII 50th Wedding 1997, Millennium 1999/2000


  1. GB 4 silver 5 pound coins HRH Prince Philip’s 90th Birthday 2011, Henry VIII 2009, Millennium 1999/2000, QEII 2015


  1. GB 13 silver Britannia 1oz 2 pound silver coins 2004 – 2016 inclusive, with certificates


  1. GB & GV Crown 1935, GVI 1937 and a selection of others
  2. GB 2009 – 2012 4 silver proof crowns Countdown to the XXX Olympiad London; a silver 2 pound 2012 Olympic Handover coin


  1. GB 3 silver 2 pound coins, 3 silver 1 pound coins, 2 silver 50 pence pieces and a 2011 fine silver half oz. Britannia coin


  1. GB Royal Mint 40th Anniversary of Decimalisation bronze medal, 2011; a 2008 UK Royal Shield of Arms proof collection


  1. GB 3 2002 silver 2 pound XVII Commonwealth Games Commemoration: England, Scotland and Wales with certificates


  1. Historic coins of Great Britain: GIII Crown WIV Crown, QV Jubilee Head Crown and double of coin, QV Old Head Crown and Half Crown with certificates


  1. TRINIDAD and TOBAGO 1975 proof set; 7 GB proof sets


  1. A QEII silver proof medal Bicentennial visit to Philadelphia, 4 other cased coins and unsorted selection of world coins


  1. A quantity of GB crown


  1. A quantity of GB half-crowns including pre-1947


  1. A quantity of GB florins including pre-1947


  1. A quantity of GB shillings including pre-1947


  1. A quantity of GB sixpences including pre-1947


  1. Germany 100 marks 1920; Serbia 500 Dinars 1941; China 5 Yuan 1914; France 5 Livres 1794; Koln 5 Billion Marks (specimen) 1923; Dresden 50,000 Marks 1923; Hamburg 1,000,000 Marks 1923; USA military payment certificates 1951; Banknotes and coins (in frame0 and Banknotes in album pages


337A    A collection of presentation packs Jersey, Canada, Ross Islands etc; and stockbook of Jersey (mint)


338     A collection of stamps in ten albums


338A  A collection of World and British Commonwealth (in album)(catalogue value £1000+)


338B  A collection of East Germany stamps (in boxfile) and album (cat value £650)


  1. Banknotes and coin covers in album: Bank notes France 5 Livres 1794; Serbia 500 Dinars & others; coins Waterloo Medal, G B £2 x 2; Australia 50 cents and others


339A  USA Silver (Golden State) (Troy oz.) 999 silver x 2, Independence 1776 – 1976 (Bicentennial coin) GB Foreign, B C covers                                                                         £30-40


339B  Stamp 5.9.41 1936 1/- (missing green) (Fine used)


  1. 2 Stockbooks of GB stamps, Vic – GVI embossed issues 2d Blue, Penny Reds 1887 – 1902


340A  GB Royal Mint £1 Silver Proof Collection 1984 – 87, cased


340B  A GB 1995 silver £2 coin, a 2009 £5 coin, 2 silver proof £1 coins 1991 and 2002, cased


Stamps and Albums:


  1. A GB QV Penny Black (on cover) 4 margins


  1. A GB QV Penny Black (4 margins); Penny Reds (unused); 4 different plates


  1. A selection of ten military coin covers


  1. A group of 6 GB Victorian covers


  1. GB stamps errors 1969 (Prince Charles) 9d block of 10 wrong colour and no PH as plus mis. perfs


  1. A collection of East Germany all key values (including) mini sheets cat value 1,800 pound (1950)


  1. A collection of GB stamps on sheets and cards Vic – GVI


  1. A collection of British Commonwealth on leaves and card (cat value 360+ pounds)


  1. A large World selection of stamps (catalogue 1,300 + pounds)


  1. A collection of GB 1st Day Covers including a QEII coronation set



  1. A collection of Commonwealth and World stamps in loose leaves, a quantity of unsorted stamps



  1. An album of the 75th anniversary of the Royal Airforce including stamps and some signed 1st day covers


  1. New Zealand – number of albums of stamps/FDCs


  1. A selection of USA stamps in 4 albums/stockbooks


  1. A selection of Worldwide stamps in albums and sheets


  1. A selection of Worldwide stamps in 8 albums


  1. A selection of Commonwealth stamps in a number of albums Channel Island/Australia/Canada/India


  1. A selection of Worldwide stamps on sheets and loose


  1. A selection of German stamps in 6 albums


  1. A selection of Australian state stamps in album



  1. A collection of Victorian Penny Reds 1 sheet with values up to 1 shilling



  1. A collection in stamps in albums including GB and British Commonwealth


  1. A stockbook and 2 earlier albums of stamps


  1. Two stockbooks of stamps


  1. A collection of World stamps in albums to include a selection of GB mint commemorative sets and FDC’s


  1. A Schaubek printed album from 1952 with used collection and pre-decimal QE2, sheets, part sheets and blocks unmounted mint


  1. A mixed box of Great Britain all eras mint and used albums, covers, Penny Red plates etc.



  1. A GB Edward VII simplified set SG215 – 314 era plus – 2/6 SG262 mint no gum



  1. A GB Edward VII SG264 5/- bright crimson full gum, catalogue 425 pounds unmounted mint



  1. A GB EdVII SG260 2/6 lilac mounted mint C525 well centred, part own gum



  1. A GB QV SG14 2d blue (1840) B-K; Red mx cancel, in Westminster presentation folder



  1. A collection of stamps in cover; a collection of postcards; 5 framed pages of Wills cigarette cards of railway engines


  1. A collection of GB mint stamps in packets, as issued 5 albums


  1. A collection of GB stamps



  1. A collection of World stamps



  1. A collection of World stamps



  1. A collection of World stamps



  1. A collection of World stamps



  1. A collection of World stamps



  1. SC stamps of the World 4 vols 2004 and other stamp related material



  1. A selection of stamps, cigarette cards, Rabbit Club certificates etc


  1. A collection of pre and post war Commonwealth and World stamps



  1. A collection of GB stamps in 4 albums, 2 1d red QV covers and a quantity of FDC’s


  1. A selection of GB and world stamps in album, stock books etc


  1. A selection of stamps and coin catalogues and reference books including 1976 Coin World, Stanley Gibbons etc


  1. A set of GB stamps franked in presentation packs


  1. A set of GB first day covers


Postcards and cigarette cards:


  1. A large selection of various vintage and other scenic postcards


  1. A selection of various stereo cards showing world scenes etc



  1. A small selection of military postcards


  1. A collection of Victorian and Edwardian postcards


  1. A selection of various scenic post cards


  1. A selection of vintage humorous and scenic postcards


  1. A selection of Edwardian postcards with scenic views


  1. A selection of various Victorian and Edwardian post cards
  2. A selection of local interest post cards from Manchester etc


  1. An album of postcards and others loose


  1. A selection of early 20th century autographs including Charlie Chester


  1. A collection of postcards mainly Edwardian actors in album, a similar period album


  1. An album containing approx 300 early 20th century postcards – humorous actors and actresses, children, seaside resorts etc.


  1. An album of FDCs and cigarette cards etc in plastic album leaves




  1. Joel Chandler Harris ”Uncle Remus” illustrated J.A. Shepherd (boxed); 2 vintage reproduction film posters


  1. Two reproduction Tithe maps, ‘Bramhall 1842’ and ‘Cheadle Hulme 1844’, framed and glazed


  1. HARRY POTTER and the Half Blood Prince, 1st ed 2005; a selection of collectable books


  1. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS, London, Catalogue of the Library, green cloth with gilt armorial 1912


  1. TOLKIEN (J.R.R.) – The Silmarillion, 1st ed, dw 1977; Lord of the Rings Trilogy, early impressions 1959 – 60, half title of The Two Towers missing, all maps present (a.f.)


  1. HOME DOCTOR – 6 vols, 4 similar volumes, a bible etc


  1. HARRY POTTER and the Half Blood Prince, 1st edition and 6 others


  1. A selection of books on motorsport


  1. A quantity of guide books, biographies etc


  1. J.K. ROWLING: Three Ted Smart issues in dws


  1. J.K. ROWLING – Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, 1st edition 2nd state dw, 1999


  1. J.K. ROWLING – Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Deluxe edition 1st printing 1999


  1. IAN FLEMING – For Your Eyes Only 1st ed, dw (a.f.), 1960


  1. HUGH LOFTING – 3 Dr Doolittle editions in dws (not 1st’s)


  1. STEPHEN W. HAWKING – A Brief History of Time, 1st ed, dw, 1988
  2. RECLUS (E) – The Universal Geography complete set in 19 uniformly bound volumes 1878 – 1894


  1. A set of 40 miniature complete works of Shakespeare on a bookcase


  1. 28 volumes of prints of famous Artists antique reference books etc.


  1. ”Hutchinson’s Animals of all Countries” Vols 2, 3 & 4; ”Hutchinson’s Beautiful Britain” Vols 2 & 3; ”Cassell’s History of England 9 Vols


  1. A selection of Sherlock collectables and ephemera from the Northern Musgraves Sherlock Holmes Society including self-published magazines


  1. A selection of hard back and paperback books about Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle and collectables


  1. Raymond Richards ”Old Cheshire Churches”; Godden’s ”Pottery and Porcelain Marks” and other books


  1. A selection of books on Pop Art etc


  1. Frank Richards 23 vols of ”The Magnet” Billy Bunter books circa 1970


  1. A Collection of 8 The Grayfriars Holiday Annual for Boys and Girls, including 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925 x 2, 1926, 1928



  1. A collection of 9 The Grayfriars Holiday Annual for Boys and Girls including 1921, 1930 x 2, 1931, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940



  1. A collection of approximately 154 original ‘Magnet’ comics (Billy Bunter etc) from 1930 – 1934



  1. A collection of approximately 158 original ‘Magnet Comics’ (Billy Bunter etc) from 1935 – 1937



  1. A collection of approximately 78 original ‘Magnet Comics’ (Billy Bunter etc) from 1938 – 1939



  1. A collection of approximately 123 original ‘Gem’ comics (Billy Bunter, Tom Merry etc) from 1931 – 1937; approximately 22 issues of the rare ‘Modern Boy’ comics from 1936



  1. 21 Billy Bunter / Tom Merry Magnet / Gem etc Holiday Annuals circa 1970s



  1. 21 Billy Bunter / Tom Merry Magnet / Gem etc Holiday Annuals circa 1970s


  1. J.H.H. & CO LTD – 3 earlier 20th century catalogues of horse tack



  1. CALVERT – Picturesque views, 24 soft ground lithographs, 1823; a 19th century scrapbook etc.


  1. David Swain – a 19th century copybook to include an Abolitionist verse ”The Negroes Petition”, c. 1820; a 19th century continental poetry and sketch album


  1. A collection of 8 early 20th century keepsake books with miniature paintings, verses etc


  1. TUNICLIFFE – Shorelands Summer Diary, 1st edition, 1952, dw a(b), other illustrated books


  1. The Jackdaw of Rheims, illustrated by Charles Folkard, other children’s books


  1. A leather bound family Bible with original clasps, metal bindings


  1. A selection of DC comics and other publishers 1970’s and later issues Batman 302, Weird Western Tales etc


  1. A selection of Marvel Comics 1970’s and later issues including Thor The Mighty 241 and Iron Man 192 etc


  1. A selection of ephemera including share certificates, 2 books



  1. BRUCE LEE film poster, 30 x 40”, another and a magazine with fold out photo poster



  1. A selection of 1960’s magazines with articles on Beatles story, Jackie etc – issues 13,45,58,60,62,63,71,72,105,107,120,122,128,176,237; Princess magazine 1963 – 1965 13 issues and two annuals


  1. A selection of 1960’s magazines, 20 issues and Diana for Girls between 1963 – 1965 and 13 girls 1960’s annuals including Judy, Bunty 1958 Girl’s Crystal etc


  1. Two Enid Blyton’s New Big Noddy book – 1 with pictures by Beek; the Daily Express More Adventures of Rupert book and seven other Daily Express Rupert books


  1. A large selection of various children’s 1950’s/60’s annuals including Beezer, Toby Twirl and Tiger Tim etc.


  1. 1950’s and 60’s issues of Picture Goers, other film magazines including a 1960’s James Bond magazine etc.


  1. A selection of Enid Blyton and other vintage children’s books including a 1950’s Mickey Mouse story book, Classics illustrated comic; Ladybird book etc.


  1. A selection of mid-20th century Cunard liner memorabilia to include menus; a selection of later P&O items



  1. A CUNARD R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth ”My Voyage” souvenir booklet with signatures of the captain and staff; a similar for the R.M.S. Queen Mary, unsigned


  1. A collection of car auction catalogues – various dates; a selection of airplane books and aircraft related collector’s cards


  1. FLEMING (I.) – The Spy Who Loved Me, 1st editions with dw, 1962; The Man With the Golden Gun, 1965; On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1963; You Only Live Twice, 1964; Dr No 3rd imp, 1958; Gardner – License renewed, reprint 1981



  1. A selection of postcards, mainly airliners and other older photographs


  1. A selection of books including 6 vols Harry Potter including two first editions


465A. SPORTIZUS.COM – 6 photographs of film stars including Sean Connery, framed


465B. SPORTIZUS.COM – 5 photographs of film stars including Michelle Pfeiffer, framed


465C. SIR MICHAEL CAINE – photo with The Muppets, a collection of Showbiz autographs in album


465D. BORIS KARLOFF – autograph in album and 4 other autograph albums


465E. SIR EDWARD ELGAR – autographs in album and 3 other autograph albums


  1. A 1920’s keepsake album including a Fisherman with verse, portrait of Churchill, HMS Rodney 1942 and a selection of other albums


  1. A selection of late 19th century and early 20th century keepsake autograph books with verses and cartoons etc


  1. A 1930’s autograph album to include Gracie Fields, Fred Perry, Stanley Baldwin, Malcolm Campbell, Anthony Eden, Sybil Thorndike, Neville Chamberlain etc


Military Interest:


  1. A WWI Trench Art ashtray with German cross inscribed to the back 202 P.O.W. COY CORBIE 1919 and a silver cased watch


  1. A WWI pair, ”2 Lieutenant T.W. Lowe”


  1. A collection of 6 large and 6 small gilt metal and blue enamel naval buttons by the ”London Badge/Button Co”


  1. An early 19th century military French infantry gladius sword with brass handle and leather scabbard, blade marked TATABOT Paris, handle mk 561, blade length 19” full length 25”



  1. An early 19th century military French infantry gladius sword, leather scabbard mk to blade (N), handle mk 687, blade length 19”, full length 25”



  1. A 19th century knife with horn handle and leather scabbard blade marked English steel, A. Feist & Co, Solingen with decoration to blade, mk The Patriots self-defender blade length 10”, full length 141/2”



  1. A collection of early 20th century school medals


  1. An old tribal throwing stick, incised geometric decoration 20”


  1. An old tribal throwing stick, incised geometric decoration 22”


  1. An old tribal axe, incised decoration to handle and iron blade, 23”, a double weighted priest, 12”


  1. A later 19th century bayonet by Wilkinson of London stamped ’98 with 12” blade (no scabbard)



  1. A cast brass eagle floor terminal for a flag standard


  1. An early 20th century French album of military related postcards (approx 200)



  1. A red and black army captain’s mess jacket


  1. A WWII M1 helmet, webbing marked Joe R. McBride 38211325, another steel helmet


  1. A WWI death plaque for Herbert Jones


  1. A WWI era keepsake book with a verse and 3 sketches by members of the RAF/RFC


  1. A gas mask; a Khukri; brass of spent cartridges; a Bellhop hat


  1. NORMANDY LANDINGS 1944 – a selection of medal groups, badges and commemorative medals


  1. A LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS Officer’s mess dress jacket with original collar badges


  1. A WWI ROLL OF HONOUR, West Didsbury, Manchester 24 x 19 inch mounted and framed; an Ox and Bucks L.I WWI Battle of Honour poster and a large portrait of Colonel Charles Reed, Northumberland Fus


  1. WITH THE FLAG TO PRETORIA original parts, a QV commission certificate for Captain Boyce Albert Combe and a selection of other ephemera


  1. A selection of cap badges, buttons etc


  1. A WWI photograph of veteran soldiers and nurses Old Trafford July 17th 1915, 7 x 11” and an early 20th century framed photo of the Cheshire Yeomanry c. 1912; V 115 Pte Hugh Colin ROSCOE, Volunteer Force, certificate of service with 2 pen/pencil portraits, other ephemera


  1. A WD leather ammunition case and a brass shell case


  1. Two khaki army jackets, camouflage jacket and shirt


  1. A small brass cannon on cast iron carriage, length 181/2”; a Duke of Wellington door stop


  1. A collection of military canvas webbing, a beret, a water bottle, a kit bag etc


  1. 2 pairs of ammunition books; a reproduction British Army tropical helmet and another


  1. A reproduction pickelhaube and a tropical helmet


  1. A reproduction steel tank helmet with geometric camouflage, similar naval cap and a desert cap


  1. 3 French style pillbox caps


  1. A quantity of berets, badges and other accessories; a selection of copperware, a French rattle


  1. A quantity of military pictures and books


  1. A replica American glider pilot dress tunic, a similar tunic, 2 pairs of trousers


  1. A replica WWI style battle dress tunic and trousers, size 44


  1. A replica WWII style battle dress tunic and trousers, size 44


  1. A replica Parachute Regiment battle tunic and trousers size 48


  1. A replica Parachute Regiment battle tunic and trousers size 46


  1. A WWII battle tunic with Manchester badge and other items


  1. An album of postcards of military interest, selection of diecast military vehicles


  1. 6 boxed Minitrains, various mugs, 2 alpine walking sticks


  1. A WWI leather flying helmet; vintage folding Ensign camera and a Brownie camera


  1. A GV medal for Long Service in the Colonial Auxiliary Forces awarded to Lieut Charles R. Armstrong; A GVI Coronation medal and matching miniature



  1. A .41 rim fire colt ‘Thyer’ 3rd model model Derringer pistol circa 1860 4.5” overall


  1. A near matching pair of 19th century Belgian double barrelled breach-loading pin fire pistols, under button to open breach twin hammers with concealed triggers and fluted wooden stocks


  1. A 19th century percussion cap muzzle loading shot gun with chased metalware and walnut stock


  1. A 19th century sword stick in bamboo effect with brass terminal (wood chipped)


  1. A 19th century bayonet with brass hilt; a reproduction long sword


  1. A brass powder flask; a set of 3 French WWI transfer printed plates ”Aux Grandes Manoeuvres”


  1. A QV South Africa medal awarded to Pte S Hirst Cheshire Regiment 4331 (possibly re-named); 3 bars Transvaal Orange Free State and Cape Colony; 4 WWII medals


  1. A set of 4 medals awarded to PTE F.H.B. HOUGH Royal Sussex Regiment G-81887 with Special Constabulary medal, a Gallipoli Star badge and other Royal Sussex Badges



  1. A table top glazed cabinet for displaying medals



  1. St Johns Ambulance Brigade: WWII defence Medal to Thomas Hindley S J A A, cap badge and certificate



  1. British Red Cross: WWII Defence Medal to Edna M Austin B R C S, cap badge and certificate



  1. A pair of WWII Dispatch Riders canvas leggings, dated 1941, unused and a pair of leather gauntlets



  1. A pair of officer’s trousers, 3 pairs of other ranks trousers, a buttoned shirt and a pair of puttees



  1. Boer War: a set of 4 chromolithographic prints depicting soldier and sailor, 12.5″ x 9.5″, in original matching frames



  1. A WWI period French shell with ornate engraved decoration ‘Souvenir de Guerre’ 1914 – 19; other shell cases and brass (9 items)


  1. An RAF Officers’ leather mounted canvas belt with pouch, an RAF canvas belt and similar rifle sling



  1. A Brompton Webb beret with brass cap badge



  1. A Royal Artillery side cap with brass cap badge



  1. A Northamptonshire Regiment side cap with cap badge



  1. A Guards cap with badge



  1. A Tam-o-Shanter by Lochan with cap badge



  1. A R A O C side cap with brass cap badge



535A. A Royal Navy cap with red Admiralty cloth badge



535B. A tailored RAF side cap with gilt badges and buttons



535C. A Sam Browne leather sword hanger; a belt and watch pouch and 11 vintage leather belts



535D. An original photograph of the First Lancashire Volunteer Artillery, Jubilee Detachment 1897, (repaired); a WWII canvas bag with shoulder straps dated 1942



535E. Two late 19th / early 20th century military leather belts each with buttoned pouch



Scientific Interest:


  1. A Vivitar camera, lenses etc


  1. A Smiths’ dashboard clock from a 1924 bull nosed Morris in Edwardian inlaid mantle clock case



  1. A 19th century compass with sighting device by H Nichol, London
  2. A Eumig mini 3 Servofocus cine camera and Eumig Mark 60 projector


  1. ”The British” mahogany and brass plate camera and accessories with a Ross Goerz patent lens


  1. A Pentax ASAHI SLR camera with super – Takoma 1:2/35 lens; Super- Taumar 1:2/55 lens;


  1. A cased steel and brass spirit level; boxed dies; 3 pairs of binoculars and Zenith camera


  1. A mahogany cased ”Releas o matic” laboratory balance and a similar balance


  1. A vintage style cylinder internal combustion stationary engine with 17” flywheel



  1. A vintage single cylinder internal combustion stationary engine with twin 141/2” flywheels



  1. An early 20th century thermometer with engraved brass scale and carved oak mount by Aitchison, 11inches


  1. A nickel and steel proportional dividers by RIEFLER, Germany, 8 inches, cased and a set of drawing instruments with parallel rule


  1. A pair of early 20th century French binocular telescopes, 71/2 inch (closed length) leather case


  1. A Negretti and Zambra weather forecasting dial, a Philips pocket surveyor and a brass sighting instrument in leather case 51/2 inch


  1. A 19th century cast iron cork press, 5 19th century pharmacy bottles and other related items


  1. A pair of Green Kat Nimrod 10 x 50 binoculars, a tie press, an Imperial typewriter and another by Brother


551A. A selection of camera equipment, lenses etc


551B. A Nikon F-401 Soligor f=350m Praktica Auto Teleconverter etc


  1. A Minolta SLR camera, rolls of film, an Olympus digital campact camera boxed; a Pentax Espio 120 Mi camera


  1. 2 Boots slide projectors, various cameras etc


553A. An Ozunon macro lens, other camera equipment


553B. A Pentax P30 T, a Canon Eos etc


553C. A selection of camera equipment, binoculars etc


  1. A selection of watchmaker’s tools and equipment; an Ohaus ”port o gram” electric weighing scale


  1. An early brass miner’s lamp, R.SHARP, MAKER, USWORTH 9”


  1. A 19th century naval telescope presented to Capt H.E. Greenstreet by the Officers of the R.M.S. RUAPEHU, (1885) 31.5 inches and two others of the same period (with re-covered tubes), with some photo copied research



  1. A quantity of 20th century optical items to include unmounted lenses and prisms, gunsights etc



  1. A boxed CHINON CINE camera: a Boots 3000 super 8 cine camera, a Zeiss Ikon 35mm camera: an Altissa 35mm camera: A Niko SLR camera with bag etc.


  1. A 1950’s Agfa 35mm camera with various lenses and equipment in leather bag


559A. An early 20th century Japanned metal bench microscope in original case


559B. An originally boxed G B Kershaw 110 folding camera; a Deluxe Kenbar spotting scope etc


  1. An Ernst Leitz Wetzlar bench microscope No 216348 in black and brass finish, in original case including various accessories


560A. A modern Motic Stereomicroscope SL41 with accessories and instructions


  1. An optima Prismatic Spotting scope; a 19th century telescope and a pair of Carl Veitch 30 x 60 binoculars


561A. A pair of Green Kat Deluxe Kestrel 8.5 x 50 field glasses; a 19th century telescope and a pair of Green Kat 20 x 70 binoculars; 4 other pair of binoculars


  1. An Olympus OMG SLR camera, a Sigma zoom lens, another Nikon lens, other related items


562A. Two Canon SLR cameras, a Nikon camera, lenses etc


  1. Arthur Rubenstein autograph dated 1925 in album with many other musicians of the period


  1. The 3 Degrees, autographs in album with others to include Status Quo, Robert Plant etc


Musical Interest:


  1. A late 19th century German violin, bears label to interior with bow and case length of back 35.8cm



  1. An oboe by J.R. Lafleur & Son in fitted case



  1. An HMV portable wind-up record player in leather effect box and 78rpm records


  1. A mid-20th century Bush Bakelite cased mains radio ”Type DAC90A”


  1. A National style steel bodied ukulele by Ashbury


  1. A late 19th century Italian pattern violin with 2 piece back (14”) bears label Johannes Baptiste Guadagnini with nickel mounted bow, cased


  1. 10 polyphone discs


  1. Eight Bob Dylan LP records: Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blood on the Tracks, Greatest Hits, More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding and Planet Waves


  1. Beatles LP records: White Album (with inserts) No 249562, Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper; 2 John Lennon records and 1 Paul McCartney


  1. 8 David Bowie LP records: Aladdin Sane, The World of David Bowie, Scary Monsters, Hunky Dory, Let’s Dance, Young Americans, Changes x 2


  1. Approximately 26 mainly 1980’s LP records to include Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush – The Kick Inside etc


  1. Approximately 20 mainly 1970’s LP records to include Led Zeppelin, Kinks, Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull etc


  1. Approximately 18 mainly 1970’s / 80’s LP records to include Michael Jackson Off the Wall, The Stranglers etc


  1. Approximately 40 mainly 1980’s LP records to include Bruce Springstein, Madonna, Police etc


  1. Approximately 25 mainly 1980’s / 90’s LP records to include Stevie Nicks, Pet Shop Boys etc


  1. A mid-20th century ”Cranpro” melon shaped mandolin with soft case and tutor book


  1. A selection of 60’s – 70’s autographs to include The Nolans, Everley Brothers etc in album and 4 other autograph albums


  1. A Bang & Olsen M X pro stereo system and twin speakers


  1. A selection of various records LPs from different genres etc


  1. A 19th century Italian violin with two piece back, 14 and one eighth inches (35.9cm), bears label ‘GUISEPPE MARAVELLI fecit anno 1896’, and a nickel mounted bow



  1. A Lorganola 120 base piano accordion with case


  1. ”The Savoyard” the D’Oyly Cart Opera magazine approx 28 issues 1960’s – 70’s in 2 binders


  1. 2 files containing approx 20 1960’s/70’s film brochures including My Fair Lady, Half a Sixpence, Dr Doolittle, Oliver, Diamonds are forever, Love Story, Cabaret, Lost Horizon etc.



  1. The Beatles monthly books, 9, 10, 11, 20, 23, 25; Meet the Beatles magazine number 12 and The Beatles by Royal Command


  1. Approximately 120 singles 1960’s – 1980’s CDs, books; a boxed Burago Ferrari etc


  1. A late 19th century Mirecourt School French violin, two piece back with medium curl 14 and one eighth inch back, bears label: Lutherie Artistique Jean-Baptiste COLIN annee 1896 J.B.C. with nickel mounted bow, cased



595A. A selection of LP records including Dr Feelgood, Graham Parker, James Taylor Carole King etc


  1. An early 20th century Stradivarius style violin single piece, back 43cm (refurbished) with bow and case


  1. A Horner 120 base piano accordion in case


  1. A Japanese lacquered ivory and gilt folding music stand traditional decoration, Beethoven sonatas


  1. Audition 25 watt amplifier and a vintage microphone


  1. A selection of 1960’s music magazines including Beatles Book monthly, Rolling Stones monthly Teen Beat etc


  1. Eleven 1960’s issues of Fabulon magazine, five issues of Rave monthly magazine others including Cream etc


  1. Four Beatles LP records: A Hard Day’s Night, Rubber Soul, With the Beatles, Please Please Me (all mono)


  1. A selection of various classical and other LP records


  1. Approximately 40 mainly 1980’s / 90’s LP records including Fleetwood Mac, Roxy Music etc


  1. A modern full size Sri Lankan cello, made in 1998, in good playing order, length of back 29.75″



Additional Scientific:


  1. A Kodak Carousel s-AV 2010 slide projector


  1. A modern ‘Acuter’ telescope on adjustable tripod


  1. A brass library telescope mounted on tripod stand with turned column, 23″ long



Costume, vintage and modern, a collection of modern designer handbags, most unused with original tags and dust bags


  1. Vintage cream brocade wedding dress


  1. A vintage top hat boxed and a pair of spats


  1. A lacework underskirt, a christening dress and other similar items including tableware


  1. A dark mink full length coat; a short dark mink fur jacket; a mink hat and similar collar


  1. A 19th century needlework sampler by Mary Brown 1855 and 3 other samples


  1. A selection of vintage costume including dresses, hats, evening bags, a fur coat etc


  1. A vintage Singer dress maker’s female model torso dummy on telescopic stand, 27″ waist


  1. A full height male mannequin and 2 books on photography


  1. A gent’s green, brown & yellow striped vintage blazer; a pair of 20th century binoculars in case, a vintage straw boater hat size 67/8


  1. A Bugatti black and tan leather holdall, some wear but generally good 51cm


  1. A DKNY canvas & tan leather handbag with bag 39cm (good); A mid blue OSPREY London Leather handbag (good) 24cm


  1. An ESCADA pale blue leather handbag; a Salvatore Ferragamo black leather handbag; an ESCADA leather handbag; an Emporio Armani cream leather handbag


  1. A LOCKE & CO Hatters St James St. London, black felt Fedora (71/8) – as new in box


  1. A GIORGIO ARMANI grey umbrella; a selection of scarves including black sequinned long evening scarf


  1. A lady’s Max Mara studio wool silk and angora full length camel coat with belt (size 16)
  2. An ESCADA lady’s full length black wool and angora coat with belt (size 14)


  1. A gentleman’s navy & white spot pure silk dressing gown by Turnbull and Asser by Royal appointment (size L)


  1. An Armani Collezioni lady’s wool and mixed fibre jacket (size 14); an Armani Collezioni pale grey 2 piece jacket and sleeveless top with grey silk trim (size 14); an Armani Collezioni ladies 2 piece jacket and sleeveless top in black stripped velour 80% cotton (12/14)


  1. A Caroline Charles Turquoise frock coat (size 18) with covered buttons 22% silk/16% linen; a Caroline Charles collection navy frock coat (size 16); a Thanmy navy 2 piece pleated long sleeve top and 3/4 jacket (size approx 14/16)


  1. An Armani black and white jacket with ruffle effect v-neckline (size 12/14); a Caroline Charles animal print long sleeved top (size S) with a black pleated long jacket; Basler white cotton jacket with beige trim on the pockets (approx size 12)


  1. A Caroline Charles 2 piece turquoise dress and multi-coloured jacket (size 18); a Caroline Charles 2 piece floral dress and jacket (size 16); a Caroline Charles multi-coloured box jacket (size 18)


  1. A cream Escada dinner jacket with applied satin, diamante buttons etc; a Caroline Charles knit sleeveless top (size 14) yellow cardigan and scarf to match; a white linen Michael Kors jacket (size 12) with ruched sleeves; a Basler zip box jacket (size 14) in line and pale blue and silver thread


  1. 3 ESCADA dresses – short sleeved, black, red and royal blue (size 16)


  1. A black & grey Armani dress (size 12/14); a Caroline Charles velvet evening jacket with pierced and embroidered decoration (size 14); velvet Armani evening trousers (size L); Gerard Darel black jacket (size 46); a black Laurel skirt (size L)


  1. A Donna Karen jersey dress (size L); a Basler bodycon dress (size 44) with animal print and yellow piping; a Basler dress in grey and black with spot decoration (size 16/18)


  1. A Max Mara black sweater dress with cream sleeve detail ( M/L); Caroline Charles x 5 knits incl 1 navy cardigan (size 3); 1 orange sweater 100% cashmere (size 14); 1 black sleeveless top; 1 evening sweater with applique beads (size 4)


  1. A Basler floral dress (size 42); a Hermes cream sleeveless shirt dress (size 44); a Paule ka Paris floral dress with v front and back and tie at the waist (size 12/14)


  1. A black ESCADA long sleeved dress (size 44); black Betty Barclay sleeveless dress with ruched front; black Basler long sleeved evening dress with sheer sleeves, lace hem and lace detail (size 42)


  1. A cream Max Mara sleeveless dress (size 16); Caroline Charles 2 piece skirt suit black with red/white detail (size 16); Caroline Charles velvet evening jacket in black with gold applique and gold beading (size 18); Armani black velvet wide leg trousers (size 14) with satin waistband


  1. Black Armani skirt (size 16/18); black ESCADA vest top with sparkly detail at the neck (size 42); Max Mara knitted jacket in dog tooth check, black/white/silver thread (size 14/16); Nicole Farhi sleeveless top (size 12/14) in grey; Armani skirt in grey (size 50)


  1. ESCADA black dress (size 44); green ESCADA dress (size 42) with metal detain at the front; blue sleeveless dress (size 16)


  1. Gerard Darrel military style jacket with tie belt (size 46); Planet black lace and sequinned skirt (size 14); Anne Klein (NY) sequinned sleeveless top (size 14); Olsen snake print effect evening jacket (size 16); ESCADA pure wool black evening trousers with satin waistband (size 12/14)


  1. Caroline Charles knit black jumper with beaded detail (size M); Caroline Charles black short sleeved top with patterned detail in beige, floaty patterned top with pink and yellow piping (size 14/16); Hermes beige trousers (small hole in left leg under knee) (size 14/16); black Joseph trousers 54% silk/46% wool (size 42)


  1. Max Mara stone linen blend trousers (size 16); Louis Feraud blouse in navy/beige with double collar detail (size 14); Max Mara weekend top navy/beige (size 14); cream ESCADA trousers with silver sheen (size 14/16)


  1. A Caroline Charles knitted and embroidered jacket; a jumper, pair of trousers; a Hugo Boss skirt


  1. A Caroline Charles long black jacket; a Caroline Charles pair of blue trousers; an Amanda Wakeley pair of emerald green trousers; an Amanda Wakeley cotton top


  1. A selection of tops including Caroline Charles, Max Mara, Donna Karan etc.


  1. A mortarboard graduation hat size 7 by Ede & Ravenscroft


  1. A selection of mink and other trimmed hats, fur collars, fox collar, stole etc


  1. A honey mink fur 3/4 jacket, similar stole and 2 hats


  1. A full length auburn coloured Ermine coat by Alexander Wilkie Ltd Edinburgh


  1. A full length dark brown musquash coat


  1. A full length dark brown musquash coat and another similar paler coat


  1. A pair of wedge heel sandals by Lulu Guinness, red canvas uppers and woven ropework sides, size 5, with original box and certificate £50-60
  2. An Azurine violet mink jacket, style ‘Finger Tip Stroller’, size 14 / 16



  1. Four MODALU ladies leather handbags: Hemingway emerald blue mix med. grab; Imogen cross body, black and white and 2 others, new


  1. Four Mondalu ladies leather handbags: Pippa black croc classic grab; Pippa Shark classis grab (both new with tags); 2 others, tan and tan, black and yellow – new



  1. A Modalu leather Emerson Berry Croc large grab with dustbag and tags; a Modalu tan large grab, unused, no tags


  1. A Modalu leather Emerson Toffee Croc large grab; a Modalu Jasmine Shark triple comp grab; Margo cream saddle cross body (all with tags and bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Pippa grey snake large grab; a Pippa peach classic grab; a Pippa peach shoulder (all with tags and bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Emerson Khaki Croc large grab; a Modalu Pippa Dusk and Lipstick 3 comp grab (tags and bags); a tan Croc shoulder bag with 2 front pockets


  1. A Modalu leather Pippa Sharp Croc classic grab; a Trudy black saddle; a Modalu peach grab with punch zigzag decoration (tags and bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Erin Sand mini tote; an Erin Mink Snake mix structured tote (both tags and bags); a Modalu black and animal print fur large tote


  1. A Modalu leather Erin white structured tote bag; a Modalu Pippa slate blue classic grab; a Modalu Pippa oyster croc small grab (all tags and bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Flora toffee mix tote (tag and bag); a Modalu peach classic grab and similar pale green tote with gilt stud decoration


  1. A Modalu leather peach grab with punched zigzag decoration; a Modalu peach croc large grab; a similar gold effect large grab


  1. A Modalu leather black leather tote; a Modalu Billie New Shark grab; a Trudy Indigo mic saddlebag (last 2 with tags, all with bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Hemingway khaki large grab; a Modalu Hemingway dark choc large grab; a Modalu Poppy cream East West Shopper (tags and bags)


  1. A Modalu leather Pippa denim croc classic grab (tag and bag); a Modalu dusky pink classic grab; a Flora slate mix tote (all bags)


  1. A Marlborough leather Navy Ink bowler; a Berkeley truffle mix large grab (both tags and bags); a similar gold bag


  1. An Osprey Rosa large leather tote bag, Lead Anaconda; a Fiorelli Tisbury mono check mini tote (both tags and bags)


  1. A Burberrys’ lady’s trench coat, size 12; another Jasper Conran coat


  1. A selection of fun furs (approx size 18)


  1. A selection of fun furs and gilets


  1. A multi-colour leather and Mongolian wool tote bag and a similar multi colour scarf


Toys, Hornby, die cast, model boats, etc:


  1. A Mamod Steam Train


679A  A Jaques of London In Statu Quo travelling chess set (two pawns missing)



  1. HOT WHEELS by Mattel, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, 6 diecast cars in bubble packs


  1. THE BEANO – a collection of 9 McDonalds action toys


  1. A Mamod Steam Train


  1. A selection of ’00’ gauge model railway including 5 locos, carriages, wagons and accessories


  1. A selection of die cast vehicles: Dinky car carrier 984; a trailer for this, 985; Dinky Big Bedford Heinz; Dinky Super Toys, Foden; Dinky Thorncroft and low loader 986 and another Dinky vehicle; Corgi Major Toys fire engine


  1. A selection of die cast Dinky vehicles: Military ambulance 626; armoured personnel carrier; Army 1 ton cargo truck; armoured command vehicle 677; Pressure re-fueller 642; Field artillery tracker 688; Army water tanker 643; 3 ton Army wagon 621; recovery tractor 662


  1. A selection of die cast vehicles to include a Dinky Thorncroft tank transporter 660, Centurion Tank 651, 25 PR gun 686, 55 medium gun 692, 3 Loan Star modern army series, a Corgi Bedford Utilecom ambulance, A corgi Landrover 109, an MPV vehicle


  1. Fourteen Dinky and Corgi die cast advertising vehicles including Dinky Guy Robertson’s Golden Shred van


  1. Fourteen Dinky and Corgi die cast advertising vehicles including a Corgi Karrier Bantan Lucozade van etc (17)


  1. A selection of Dinky and Corgi and other die cast vehicles mainly trucks including Dinky Toys Simka Cargo 33 etc


  1. Five Dinky racing cars – 230, 239, 235, 23G and 232; other die cast racing cars including Dinky and Corgi


  1. A selection of Dinky Corgi and other die cast vans, buses etc including Dinky 283


  1. A selection of Corgi, Dinky and other vehicles – Corgi Big Bedford Tractor unit, Dinky 20 ton crane 972


  1. A small selection of die cast vehicles including Corgi Batmobile (with Batman and Robin), other Corgi cars, 6 Lesney vehicles etc


  1. A selection of die cast vehicles including Dinky, Corgi etc


  1. A selection of die cast vehicles including Dinky, Corgi etc


  1. A selection of die cast vehicles including Dinky, Corgi etc


  1. A selection of Days Gone By and other advertising vehicles


  1. A selection of Days Gone By and other advertising vehicles


  1. A large hay-stuffed vintage dog, other similar animals, Sooty and Sweep puppets


  1. A selection of various vintage Teddy bears


  1. Three originally boxed Pelham Puppets, Pinocchio, Ballet Dancer and another (boxes a.f.)


  1. A Triang mini Hi-Way utilities trailer, other toys, 2 Clarice Cliff style vases and a hen pot


  1. A 1930’s composition baby doll; 2 Victorian style dolls and a selection of tapestry work, handbags and purses


  1. A selection of Hornby Dublo railway including 3 carriages, station buildings originally boxed, track and points etc


  1. A Hornby Dublo ”set 2030” diesel – electric goods train in original box


  1. A 1960’s battery western special locomotive (boxed); an ‘O’ gauge locomotive (a.f.); vintage toys etc including diecast cars


  1. A 1950’s Lilliput portable child’s typewriter, children’s books, games, marbles etc


  1. A selection of Action Man figures and accessories including armoured vehicles etc.


  1. A 1970’s tin plate robot; diecast cars; 2 watches and a selection of toys and children’s books


  1. A large selection of diecast cars and other vehicles


  1. A large selection of vintage board games etc.


  1. A late 19th century/early 20th century brass inlaid mahogany shove ha’ penny board


  1. A selection of Hornby Dublo model railway including 2 locos incl Sir Nigel Gresley 3 coaches and 2 freight wagons, track and accessory


  1. A Victorian German pot headed doll with articulated joints, sleepy eyes by Heinrich Handwerck stamped to back of head 119-12 5 Germany full length 28”



  1. Armand Marseille German bisque headed baby doll stamp to back of head A&M Germany 351/2 k full length 111/2”



  1. A large selection of Star Trek official fact files


  1. A selection of Star Wars Books and collectables


  1. A selection of Star Trek collectors’ badges including Hollywood pins etc


  1. A collection of mid-20th century jigsaw puzzles, children’s books etc


  1. A selection of boxed and loose Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and other diecast cars


  1. A vintage wooden toy truck; 2 originally boxed Matchbox cars, Matchbox WWII fighter planes; loose diecast vehicles etc.


  1. A scratch built wooden model cabin cruiser driven by gas fuelled simulated steam engine, length 46.5″



  1. A scratch built tug boat powered by gas driven diesel type engine, extended length 45″



  1. A scratch built cabin cruiser powdered by twin electric motors, length 46.5″



  1. A scratch built naval patrol vessel P150 ‘Perkasa’ driven by twin electric motors, length 36″


  1. An originally boxed Mamod spirit driven stationary steam engine with power hammer attachment


  1. A selection of boxed Corgi Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and other diecast vehicles etc; a Fincast 1963 Lotus car kit, boxed
  2. A modern boxed ‘Mini Twister Sport’ remote control indoor Helicopter; an ‘RTF Heli’ ‘Blade etc


  1. A Lama V 3 remote control helicopter; a Blade Nono QX remote control helicopter; a vapour BNF helicopter; a Fine Bird Stratos’ remote control plane (all incomplete)


  1. A large RCT Formula 1 type racing car


  1. An originally boxed and sealed ‘It’s a Snap’ Ertl model kit Star Wars Return of the Jedi X-wing fighter



  1. An originally boxed Airfix Waterloo War Game



  1. A TechPro children’s electric 4 wheel bike


  1. A child’s scooter


  1. A selection of Dr Who collectables including Cyberman conversion chamber, boxed



  1. A bedroom sign; a Middle Eastern multi-coloured camel and an Indian table


  1. A large collection of Meccano Magazine, Meccano ephemera dating back to 1930’s; self-published Meccano pamphlets and instructions and photographs made by collectors


  1. A VERY large collection of Meccano pieces organised by size, shape, use, etc including wheels, tools, screws, joints etc


  1. An early Action Man figure with accessories; a plastic google eye baby doll; 2 Giles cartoon jigsaws and a selection of annuals


  1. CORGI – three corgi commercial Ltd edition sets of diecast vehicles; 8 other boxed vehicles


  1. A collection of Exclusive First Editions diecast bus models, boxed


  1. Five Matchbox diecast bus models; a Corgi Cadbury’s Crunchie ERF curtainside trailer and a selection of other diecast vehicles, boxed


  1. A METTOY tinplate passenger train set number 5350/1, in original box


  1. A collection of 16 exclusive first Editions diecast bus models, original boxes


  1. Three London Olympic 2012 diecast toy cars, various other collectable cars and 10 exclusive First Edition buses


  1. Two Lima diesel ‘O’ gauge locomotives, a mainline railways model and another DAPOL


  1. A selection of modern copy Dinky diecast cars and a Corgi 1977 – 1902 State London, other diecast cars, all boxed


  1. A collection of Matchbox models of Yesteryear; 4 signed Superbike prints


  1. A collection of Corgi Classics and other Corgi cars, all boxed


  1. 4 Hornby Triang 00 gauge loco and a large set of carriages


  1. A Britain’s 200 including animals and cages and 2 victory jigsaws



  1. A 1950’s painted metal rocking horse


  1. An originally boxed Dinky Supertoys Tank Transporter 660 (box a.f.)



  1. An originally boxed Dinky Supertoys Recovery Tractor 661 (box a.f.); an originally boxed Dinky Supertoys 10 ton Army Truck 622



  1. An originally boxed Dinky toy Centurion Tank 651 (box a.f.); an originally boxed Dinky Toys Articulated Lorry 409 (box a.f.)



  1. An originally boxed Dinky Toys Coventry Climax Forklift truck (box a.f.) 140; an originally boxed Dinky Supertoys Blaw Knox Bulldozer 561 (box and model a.f.); 1 Dinky motorcar



  1. Dinky Toys 3 ton Army Wagon 621; Dinky Toys Army Wagon 623; Dinky Toys Austin Champ 674



  1. Dinky Toys armoured personnel carrier; Dinky toys armoured command vehicles 677; Dinky toys 5.5 medium gun 6928; a similar gun, Dinky toys 428, trailer and Dinky disc harrow a Dinky Ford Saloon



  1. A boxed Hornby ‘0’ gauge tinplate clockwork loco, carriage and track



  1. A 19th century mahogany child’s rocker chair with provision for potty


  1. A 1950’s ”Mettoy Supertype” child’s typewriter in original box (box a.f.)


  1. A Corgi ”Grey Green AEC Regal Coach” in original box and originally boxed Lledo diecast vehicles


  1. A large selection of modern Lego


  1. 2 Pathfinder 1/43 scale model vehicles – Jowett Javelin 1949; Morris Oxford 1966 in original boxes


  1. 2 Pathfinder 1/43 scale model vehicles – Vauxhall Cresta PA; a Western Models 1/43 scale model – Plymouth Belvadere 1958 (original boxes)


  1. 2 Lansdowne 1/43 scale model vehicles 1948 Austin 16 hp saloon and 1963 Sunbeam Alpine series III (original box)


  1. 3 Corgi ”British Road Services” diecast model vehicles ”Albion Victor Platform Lorry”, ”AEC MkV 8 Wheel Platform Lorry” and ”ERF KV 8 Wheel Platform Lorry” (original box)


  1. 2 Brooklyn collection 1/43 scale model vehicles ”1955 Chevrolet Nomad Estate”; ”1958 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible” (original box)


  1. 2 Brooklin Collection 1/43 ”1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser”; ”1949 Mercury 2 door coupe” (original box)


  1. A Somerville 1/43 scale model ”Fordson 5cwt van”; a K & R replicas ”Ford V8 Pilot Woodie”


  1. Two Model Road Replicas – Ford Consul Mk2 & Vauxhall Victor F Type saloon; 8 other diecast vehicles including White Box


  1. A 1950’s plastic doll, another similar; a Playhouse lifelike theatre; Viewfinder


  1. An Archie Andrews originally boxed Palitoy ventriloquist doll; a Chad Valley originally boxed ”Give a Show Projector”


  1. An originally boxed Singer Sewhandy child’s sewing machine; an originally boxed Prefect typewriter


  1. An originally boxed Frog model aircraft Mk4 Interceptor fighter with instructions etc.


  1. An originally boxed Frog model aircraft Mk4 Interceptor fighter – no instructions


  1. Britain’s Herald Swoppets – 5 cowboys; a vintage mid-20th century Ever Ready first aid kit; a vintage Kodak 3,500 disc camera; a selection of LPs and records


  1. A Mainline Railways Palitoy boxed 00 gauge model Duchess of Southerland; a box 00 gauge Lima model of an electric train; a large selection of Hornby rolling stock etc.


  1. A Hornby steam memories Dovedale design cast model of the LMS 4-6-2 City of Birmingham Princess Coronation Class


  1. A large selection of hardback railway history books



  1. An early/mid-20th century plush ”Bambi” figure in style of Steiff



  1. A HORNBY RAILWAYS Intercity 225 ’00’ gauge railway set, boxed



  1. A HORNBY 3 rail locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley; another and a quantity of rolling stock and track



  1. Three 1950’s Chiltern Teddy bears


  1. A PADDINGTON Bear in Dunlop wellies; a picture book and a framed set of stamps


  1. A child’s school chair, a woven basket, 2 bear themed pictures, 2 plates, 2 chocolate bear moulds


  1. A German Teddy bear possibly by Petz, 22″; a vintage ash child’s chair


  1. Two vintage English Teddy bears


  1. A 1960’s French soft toy on bicycle with label ‘Je M’Appelle Chantel, Paris’ 17″


  1. A German Teddy bear, probably Gebruder Hermann, 19.5″


  1. A Steiff seal soft toy and a similar seal pup, with labels


  1. A rare MUFTI baby laughing donkey by ANKER and a Steiff donkey


  1. A Steiff soft toy rabbit, LULAC, 20″


  1. A selection of Triang Mimic Motorways track etc – some original boxes


  1. A selection of Hornby Dublo railway including 3 locos, rolling stock and track


  1. A stationary spirit driven steam engine


  1. Three boxed Pelham puppets: Fritzi, Gypsy and Boy (1 box a.f. and cellophane a.f.)


  1. A Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB6, 30th Anniversary and a selection of other collectors’ cars



  1. 20 diecast commercial vehicles and others


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