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1. A boxed Wade Beauty & the Beast figures; a Pendelfin Toy Shop; a Royal Stafford Noddy mug and plate; 2 Rupert egg cups
2. 2 Nao geese and 2 ducks; a Beswick Bay Horse; a similar figure ”Arkle”; 4 Betty Boop resin figures
3. 7 Beswick Beatrix Potter figures ”Cousin Ribby”, ”Ribby’ ‘Miss Moppet”, “Tom Kitten”, “Ginger”, “Simpkin” & “Susan” £30‑£50
4. 2 Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures ”Mittens & Moppet”, “Ribby & Pan”; 2 other Beswick figures with gold back stamps “Dinkum Platypus” & “Dusty Mola”; a Lladro style figure; a Wedgwood plaque; 2 mini parrots
5. A Lladro group “Young Beethoven” £25‑£35
6. A Royal Doulton figure “The Judge” HN2443; Royal Doulton figure “Loving Thoughts” HN 4788; a Coalport figure “Emma”; a 1930’s china lady bell
7. 2 Royal Doulton figures “Shore Leave” HN2254; “The Lobster Man” HN2317
8. 6 large Ltd Edition novelty teapots and 5 smaller novelty teapots
9. A late Victorian 4 piece tea service, 3 other pieces £25‑£35
10. A Lomonosov Soviet Russian floral lustre bowl; 2 Minton sandwich plates; a small dish
11. A pair of continental faience art nouveau vases 11” (1 a.f.); a similar pair of vases (1 a.f.) £20‑£30
12. A Windsor bone china 21 piece tea set commemorating the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, a silver jubilee mug and a Royal Winton gift cabinet set £30‑£40
13. A Goebel Hummel cat playing the trumpet; A Goebel Hummel figure of a boy and dog; a Beswick figure of a spaniel
14. 2 Royal Doulton The Snowman Gift Collection china figures, “Cowboy Snowman” & “Stylish Snowman”; 3 miniature Royal Doulton character jugs (2 a.f.) another character jug
15. 2 Royal Worcester china figures by F.G. Doughety “Fisherman” & “Christopher”
16. 2 Royal Doulton Worcester china figures “Katie” & “Teatime”
17. 2 Royal Doulton Worcester china figures “Hometime” & “Sunshine Days”
18. A 6 piece ceramic Golly Band; decorative Murano glass animals and selection of spoons and commemorative ware
19. A selection of various miniature crested ware & other miniature novelty items
19A. A quantity of miniature animals including Zsolnay Pecs bird and a selection of Pendelfin figures
20. A Sherrott Simpson resin group hunter with dogs, signed; a similar figure of a Doberman; A resin group 2 racehorses with riders leaping a fence
21. A Beswick horse “Arab”; a Royal Doulton figure “Sunday Best” HN2206; a continental group, crested china
22. A section of approximately 106 modern china collectors thimbles
23. A selection of approximately 70 thimbles including toy novelty figures etc; 4 spoons
24. A cased silver thimble with enamel band
25. 3 white metal thimbles; 6 Royal Crown Derby thimbles & 3 stands
26. 3 originally boxed pieces of Swarovski glass large diamond shaped crystal A7433; flower A7483 & pink heart shaped crystal
27. 3 originally boxed Swarovski Snowman A7475, Father Xmas, Skiing Teddy Bear
28. 3 originally boxed Swarovski Swan, Kitten, basket of flowers & an unboxed violin and stand
29. 3 originally boxed Swarovski crystal Elephant, Cat A7606, Fox
30. 3 originally boxed Swarovski crystal Bell A7467, Rose with gilt stem, Flower head candle holder
31. 3 originally boxed Swarovski crystal Kangaroo A7609, Hedgehog A7630, Rabbit A9100
32. 3 originally boxed Swarovski crystal Bear with fish A7637, 2 seated Teddy bear A7637
33. 4 originally boxed Swarovski crystal Snowman A7475, Snail on leaf A7615, 2 snails on leaf A7550
34. 5 Lladro figures of children playing musical instruments £30‑£40
35. 2 Lladro girl ballerinas; a Lladro girl with shoes, a Nao girl with puppy £30‑£40
36. 3 Lladro child Angel figures; kneeling Madonna figure £30‑£40
37. 4 Lladro figures – children in night attire; 2 Lladro reclining baby figures £30‑£40
38. A Lladro group, duck & ducklings; 2 Lladro geese; 3 Nao geese £25‑£35
39. A pair of Lladro child Centaur figures £70‑£100
40. A collection of Wade china including animals & birds, pipe stands, vases, dishes etc
41. A Beswick shire horse; a Beswick Palomino; a Royal Doulton Bay Horse; a large Beswick horse (legs a.f.)
42. 3 Beswick colts; a small Beswick horse & colt; 3 other small horses
43. 2 Royal Doulton figures Free Spirit HN3728 & Michele HN2234; a Nao girl; a Yardley’s Lavender group; 6 small Wade china ladies
44. 6 Wade Nat West china pig money boxes – Mother, Father, Boy, Girl & 2 Babies
45. A Royal Doulton Winston Churchill Toby jug; Toby jug Sir Henry Doulton character jug & a collection of other Toby & character jugs
46. A Royal Worcester figure “Love”, a Coalport figure “Nell Gwynn”; a Coalport figure “Goose Girl”
47. 4 Nao figures and 8 similar figures
48. A pair of Royal Worcester figures “Once Upon a Time”; A Coalport ballerina figure and 12 “Woodland Surprises” animal groups
49. A MDINA blue/green glass cylindrical bowl 5” diameter; 3 other pieces of MDINA; A Russian porcelain teapot and stand
50. TOLPUDDLE MARTYRS a commemorative mug, plate and book; other commemorative china; 2 pieces of Royal Doulton series ware; 3 limited edition plates – Bill & Ben, Camberwick Green & Woodentops
51. A Royal Standard bone china daffodil pattern coffee set (pot a.f.) and a similar paragon part set
52. A Royal Doulton bone china figure Ninette HN2739; a Coalport figure Debbie, 2 limited edition plates depicting scenes in the life of Christ
53. A large NAO group – 2 females with water jugs at a well, gossiping
54. A FRANKLIN Mint porcelain figure “The Snow Queen” 11″; another of Cinderella and 3 Wedgwood for Spink limited edition figures
55. A FRANKLIN Mint porcelain “Dream Catcher” figure 11″ other figures
56. A selection of limited edition plates various subjects approximately 30
57. A selection of limited edition plates various subjects approximately 30
58. A large collection of Wade whimsies animals; Billy Bresna figures etc.
59. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN1731 Daydreams 1935, HN1834 Top O’ The Hill 1937, HN2791 Elaine 1979
60. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN2467 Melissa 1980, HN2937 Rachel 1980, HN3050 Susan 1981
61. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN3042 Gillian 1984, HN2937 Gail 1985, HN3168 Jemma 1987
62. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN3179 Eliza 1988, HN3286 Alexandra 1990, HN3303 Tender Moments 1990
63. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN3625 Anniversary 1994, HN3647 Holly 1994, HN3795 Harriet 1996
64. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN4093 Emily 1997, HN4458 Classic Isabel 2002, HN4259 Love of Life 2003
65. 3 Royal Doulton figures – HN4783 Kirsty 2004, HN4805 Buttercup 2005, Coalport Age of Elegance Tapestry 1993
66. A Royal Albert “Masquerade” 15 piece coffee set; a Japan pattern part teaset; a 1930’s “Saddler” 3 piece teaset; 3 “Henry’s storage jars etc.
67. A vintage table lighter and 4 others; a vintage parasol and 1930’s chiming mantle clock
68. A BOLS “Ballerina” novelty musical decanter with contents; a bottle of Greek brandy in “Parthenon” case; musical and other figures etc.
69. Charlotte Rhead for Burleigh ware a “Persian” flower charger, pattern No 4013, pale lemon ground with tube line decoration, diameter 14″
70. A large Beswick figure of an Old English Sheepdog height 11.5″
71. A selection of Portmeirion pottery including rolling pin, mugs etc (approx 45 pieces); a Meakin part dinner service
72. 4 Nao figures 2 girls with dove, girl with lamp and dog, girl with puppy and girl with bird £20‑£70
73. 4 Nao figures girl with lamb, girl in armchair, puppy and teddy, 2 kittens in a box £20‑£70
74. A Lladro figure girl in hat; a Lladro figure girl dancing (2 fingers a.f.); a Lladro style group of a courting couple £20‑£30
75. A large Lladro group girl with baby £20‑£30
76. A collection of glass paperweights (22)
77. A collection of miniature bear figures
78. Seven NAO porcelain figures
79. A NAO porcelain ballerina figure and 5 others
80. Two Lladro porcelain geese and 6 NAO porcelain animal figures
81. A NAO porcelain figure of a goose girl and 4 other similar figures
82. A NAO porcelain figure of a young woman in evening dress and 4 similar figures
83. A Royal Doulton group Snow White & the 7 dwarfs – SW9, SW10, SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, SW15, SW16
84. A Beswick Golden Eagle
85. A set of 5 graduating Beswick flying Mallards (large bird unmarked)
86. A set of 7 Wade crinoline ladies
87. A set of 5 Wade Nat West pig money boxes, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter a Baby (with original stoppers)
88. Pair of 19th century Italian Spode large mugs 5″ diameter; a large Bargeman’s 2 sprouted Majolica style teapot (slight damage to all)
89. An originally boxed Royal Worcester coffee set; 2 other boxed coffee sets; a boxed chess set; 2 Ainsley vases & glassware
90. A set of resin figures and china etc
91. Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins and other figures (seconds)
92. A Wedgwood George V Silver Jubilee plate, 2 Royal Doulton Seriesware dishes and other decorative plates
93. A Royal Doulton figure; a print of Elvis
94. Four 20th century biscuit barrels, 2 sunflower, 1 Crown Ducal and 1 Crescent
95. Four early 20th century biscuit barrels with EPNS lids and handles, 1 Crown Ducal
96. A hand painted oriental biscuit barrel, another by Burslem and 2 others
97. A Carlton ware biscuit barrel and 3 others EPNS fittings
98. A Burslem biscuit barrel and 3 others
99. A part powder blue Moorcroft for Liberty’s china part tea and coffee service £80‑£120
100. A powder blue Moorcroft for Liberty’s part coffee service £50‑£80
101. A Beswick white horse ‘Spirit of Affection’, another smaller horse and a selection of ceramics
102. A black and orange cockerell with red crest, signed John Beswick to base
103. A pair of 20th century celadon glazed table lamps
104. A Royal Doulton Seriesware plaque ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’, Robin Hood and his men; a Capodimonte group of 2 pirates with buried treasure
105. A Royal Doulton figure ‘Newsboy’
106. Three Royal Doulton ‘NSPCC Figures’ and 2 other figures


Metalware and Miscellaneous:

112. Three copper saucepans with lids, other metalware, a golf club shoehorn
113. A boxed vintage horn handle carving set with a silver plate mountings and boxed set of teaspoons £40‑£60
114. A 19th century Jones sewing machine
115. 2 oak framed photographs of old steam trains plus an original poster dated April 1930 for McNeilly’s & Agnews Omnibus Services now absorbed by L.M.S. railway
116. A 1914 Queen Mary Xmas tin including tobacco and cigarette packets (5 original cigarettes); Queen Mary photo & card to Able Seaman J.W. Smith of HMS Thunderer, buttons and other postcards etc. all in a carved box – ‘Souvenir of Jerusalem £80‑£120
117. An early 1900’s pine 6 drawer shop cabinet with apothecary labels to each drawer
118. A pair of vintage shop scales with brass pans; a set of 7 graduated brass weights plus a copper bed pan
119. Two boxes of collectables including copper kettle, mincer, pipe rack, wooden ship, camera, dolls etc
120. A vintage ”Colman’s Mustard” table lighter & a boxed Zippo lighter
121. A Vest Pocket Cup, other collectables
122. A scratch built wooden model of a 3 masted sailing ship in rectangular glass case length of ship 23” £30‑£50
123. A selection of ….. requisites; cameras, brassware etc. a pair of w/c by Marion Everson
124. A Parker ”Duofold” fountain pen; a Conway Stewart ”Dinky 550” fountain pen
125. An early 20th century mahogany wind chime table gong with 4 chimes height 21”
126. 2 vintage rotary telephones – 1 green, 1 cream
127. Giuseppe Vasari: a pair of silvered and gilded bronze figures in the “Hero Series Knight & Italian Guard” on onyx plinths, height 11.5” (each missing a foot from base)
128. A Masonic apron and gloves; a Masonic apron and gloves for East Lancs Lodge
129. A selection of various novelty “Playme” pencil sharpeners in different forms
130. A 1950’s BT telephone
131. A selection of painted metal thimbles including historical and fictional figures, novelty items etc and wooden Russian dolls (approx 75)
132. 6 hallmarked silver thimbles under domes
133. 2 1970’s ivory coloured telephones
134. A large travelling trunk with wood binding and leather handles
135. A GRUNDIG TK14 reel to reel tape recorder, 2 button holers , a lamp, a 6 volume pictorial history of WWII
136. A collection of woven silk and other souvenir cloth badges; a box of chocolate coins of the British Empire (unopened) and other items
137. A 1930’s composition doll; 2 novelty Guinness ash trays; 3 vintage Ronson cigarette lighters; a blue and white plate and 1950’s theatrical magazines
138. An Elkington EPNS kettle on stand and an art nouveau style 3 piece tea service
139. A Pathescope PB-EX and another later pathescope
140. A large collection of vintage camera cases
141. A Bell Howell cased projector and a Savage & Parsons Anatigmat cased
142. A US Army Air forces camera for Aircraft K20 Falmer Graflex Corporation in case
143. A Bell & Howell Filmo Projector 57-M7; A Kodak Kodascope D Projector
144. Two framed displays each with 16 exotic butterflies £30‑£40
145. Two framed displays each with 16 exotic butterflies £30‑£40
146. A Guinness Toucan advertising tray; a Guinness Toucan advertising mirror and 2 glasses; 2 reproduction flintlock pistols
147. 5 Laurel and Hardy composition figures, largest 14″
148. A 1930’s copper milking unit/churn with fittings £60‑£100
149. A Champion white Bakelite vintage mains radio; Robert’s transistor radio and a Bush radio circa 1960’s
150. Late 19th/early 20th century IND COOPE & CO Ltd Trade Mark Burton’s Ales Pub advert mirror by Hawkes Ltd Birmingham in frame 20 x 20 “ £80‑£120
151. A late 19th/early 20th century IND COUPES Burton Ales bevelled edge pub advertising mirror in frame 20 x 20″ £80‑£120
152. 2 Kultenberg large pump heads; a collection of vintage tins
153. A “Classic” 1960’s slate telephone; a bronzed table lamp; a 1970’s portable typewriter
154. A Victorian carved oak smoker’s cabinet with fitted interior & a selection of pipes
155. 3 Victorian address stamps & an ice axe
156. A gilt 400 day clock; a mahogany box; a brush rack barometer, carved wood & treen ornaments
157. A set of brass kitchen scales and weights
158. A Danish ESA solid teak and leather table lamp; another table lamp and a John Wilkins calendar vase
159. A Regency style gilt framed convex wall mirror
160. A Victorian silver fruit knife, another, 3 other pocket knives; a vintage tin with lock, various cigarette packets (empty); a selection of crested china
161. A large quantity of ephemera from 1950’s onwards to include stamped envelopes, letters, some cards and stamps
162. A classical style plaster wall plaque, various posters
163. An oak framed aneroid barometer and thermometer and a folding cake stand
164. A wall mirror with scroll frame and an Eastern hand knotted rug
165. KLITZ, a 1970’s print, various others
166. A pair of watercolours, North African scenes, framed, other pictures
167. A Bang & Olufsen type 3119 TV
168. A Bang & Olufsen Beovision 8902 large TV with remote
169. Compulsion Gallery: A large modern statue from ‘Metropolis’, directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, the Gynoid robot figure known as ‘Maria’, pewter resin, 32″, with original label £100‑£200
170. A signed picture of Marlene Dietrich £40‑£60
171. A Limoges shell £20‑£30
172. A suffragette brooch £30‑£50
173. A carved wooden throwing stick with hardened ends
174. A ram’s horn snuff mull with silver plated mount £20‑£30
175. A pair of carved hardwood candle sticks depicting a column of tribal bodies
176. A 1977 Silver Jubilee Crescent Toy display coach, a selection of cameras, filed glasses etc
177. A vintage bench pillar drill
178. An early 20th century 8 drawer mahogany stationery cabinet
179. A matched pair of African carved tribal figures, male and female, heights 20″ and 24″
180. An African tribal group male and female figures around bowl, length 10″
181. A carved stone grotesque figure on ebonised base
182. A carved wooden tribal mask, in the form of a boars head, with studded decoration
183. An oil painting of Marilyn Monroe and other framed pictures
184. Rowley Gallery marquetry panel by William Arthur Chase, framed with label en verso framed 17” x 15”
185. A model of H M S Bounty with extensive decoration


Costume and fabrics:

195. A pair of late 19th century/early 20th century child’s wood and leather clogs; an embroidered child’s dress; a nightdress etc. 4 items of ephemera
196. A 19th century gent’s top hat in original box by Josef Dobesch Wien
197. A full length fur coat
198. A collection of handbags (18)
199. A Coney fur jacket
200. A 20th century double multi-coloured patchwork quilt and another similar (unfinished)
201. A vintage alligator skin handbag (worn), a wide brim straw hat
202. A vintage black wool Frank Usher dress (12/14), a vintage black crepe Horrockses/Cresta dress (small), a beige Susan Small dress (small, some marks), a fine wool two piece vintage cocktail suit dress with low back (small size)
203. A vintage turquoise silk cocktail dress with beaded decoration by Russell Stuart, London; a Hetty Bradley black cocktail dress with beaded decoration; a vintage emerald green full length evening dress by Peter Baron, London (16); a cream brocade & gold thread cocktail dress; a vintage 2 piece cocktail dress & fur jacket in emerald brocade
204. A dress makers mannequin
205. Four faux fur coats


Music Section:

208. A wooden cased table top 78 rpm gramophone by Geisha plus a quantity of 78 rpm records & some 45 rpm’s
209. A 19th century cylinder musical box, key wound, impressed Ducommun Girod 33157 in inlaid rosewood box, length of cylinder 81/4” £100‑£200
210. A German made melon shaped mandolin with strap and case £60‑£100
211. A Piccolo/small flute £20‑£30
212. An 8 string pear shaped mandolin with tutor book £20‑£30
213. A 1960’s Monarch table top record player
214. A Harpsichord by Alan Gotto 1982 Norwich, based on a Flemish harpsichord “a grand ravalement” after Ruckers, 5 octave, single manual, the outer case finished in green with gilt banding, the interior in cream with Latin text and scroll work decoration, on stained wood stand overall length 86″ (218cm) width 37.5″ (96cm) £3000-£4000
215. A walnut cased Metronome; a Seiko Tolv electronic tuner
216. A small 1930’s ukulele banjo in case
217. A boxed Shots wooden concert tenor recorder
218. A large quantity of sheet music, music books etc mainly for keyboard, harpsichord etc
219. A Grundig Studio 3010 record player on stand
220. A modern The Centre Student 2 student violin
221. A 19th century pear wood and ivory clarinet by Metzler & Co, London, 23″ length excluding mouthpiece
222. A large quantity of mainly 1960’s 45rpm singles – many Tamla Motown, all genres, mostly in paper sleeves
223. A box of LPs to include several early Elton John, Rod Stewart, many other artists
224. A selection of Beatles LPs and Singles, mono and stereo, some duplicates, to include The White Album, Sgt Pepper, With The Beatles, Rubber Soul, Magical Mystery Tour etc
225. A quantity of 1960’s and 1970’s LPs to include a selection of Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Pink Floyd The Wall and many other artists
226. A large quantity of 1960’s and 1970’s rock and pop 45rpm singles including Ringo Starr, ELO, Bee Gees and many other artists
227. A large amount of 1960’s and 1970’s rock and pop 45 rpm singles including Rolling Stones and many other artists
228. Framed pictures of Elvis Presley from Love Me Tender, Two 3d pictures of Elvis
229. An oil painting on canvas of Elvis Presley
230. A selection of LPs
231. A selection of LPs
232. A selection of LPs


Wine & Spirits:

235. A single bottle of Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch Whiskey in Christmas presentation box; 2 miniatures and contents
236. A single bottle of OFFLEY Boa Vista 1972 Vintage Port
237. A single bottle of Chivas Regal 12 years old, 86 proof with original carton, c 1970’s
238. A Bell’s Wade half bottle of whiskey commemorating the birth of Prince William 1982 £15‑£20
239. A Bells china whiskey decanter 75cl; 2 Bells 50cl; Royal commemorative china decanters (all complete with contents) £30‑£40
240. An originally boxed “Whyte & Mackay” 21 year old bottle of whiskey; 12 various miniature spirit/wines
241. W.J. Graham’s six Grapes port 750ml 20% alcohol £20‑£30
242. Two bottles of W.J. Graham’s 10 years of age tawny port 750ml 20% £20‑£30
243. A bottle of Sandeman 20 years old tawny port in original box 75cl 20% and a wooden cased bottle of Dow’s Christmas Reserve Port 750ml 20% alcohol £20‑£30
244. A bottle of Dow’s 1990 late bottle vintage port in wooden case 750ml 20% alcohol £20‑£30
245. A bottle of Dow’s 1991 late bottle vintage port in wooden case 750ml 20% alcohol £20‑£30
246. A bottle of Bell’s extra special 8 years Scotch whisky 40% alcohol 70cl boxed; a bottle The Famous Grouse Forest Scotch whisky 40% 70cl £20‑£30
247. A bottle of William Grant’s family reserve finest Scotch whisky 70cl 40%; two bottles of old Scotch whisky finest blend 70cl 40% £30‑£50
248. A large selection of wine reference books etc.
249. A large selection of wine reference books
250. A large selection of wine reference books
251. A selection of wine, beer and other alcohol related books
252. A bottle of Taylor’s 10 year old port (label a.f.) & 2 similar bottles (no labels)
253. 3 bottles of Taylor’s 10 year old port (1 label a.f.)
254. 3 bottles of Taylor’s 10 year old Tawney port
255. A bottle Martell Cognac; 2 bottles of Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry
256. A bottle of Cockburns special reserve port; a bottle of Croft 10 year old port; a bottle of Dow’s Tawney port
257. A bottle of Offley Boa Vista 1972 vintage port (level bottom of neck); a bottle of Fonseca Guimaraens reserve vintage port 1964 (level bottom of neck)



265. A quantity of GB pre ’47 and pre ’20 silver coinage
266. GB: QV 1887 crown, Double Florin and Half Crown, 6 other silver 19th century coins
267. A quantity of pre-war German bank notes, Japanese similar, a quantity of miscellaneous coins and tokens
268. A selection of GB crowns and other GB coinage
269. Two GB GV Crowns 1935, 2 silver Venezuela 50 Bolivia coins, 2 GB year sets 1970 & 1971
270. A QEII Silver Jubilee silver crown in presentation case, 2 x £5 coins, other crowns and GB coinage; a lorgnette and a dress watch £30‑£40
271. A Bank of England £5 note dated 26 April 1945 (Peppiatt) £25‑£35
272. A BANK OF ENGLAND £5 note signed O’Brien, another signed Page, 3 x £1 notes and 2 x 10s notes £30‑£40
273. A Royal Mint Alderney silver & 22 ct gold £5 piece, a collection of Royal commemorative coins & First Day cover sets and other QEII Royal commemorative coins £40‑£60
274. A QEII Golden Jubilee limited edition postal coin cover with 2001 Gold Sovereign £180‑£220
275. A selection of various coins
276. A selection of various coins and a selection of silk flags and Players cigarette cards
277. A selection of pre-decimal coins, medals and stamp first day covers
278. A collection of GB and other bank notes in album (approx 100) £30‑£50
279. A selection of pre decimal and other coins in 2 tins
280. A selection of pre decimal and other coins in green plastic box
281. An American 2/9 dollar note and a French 5 livres reward not
282. A boxed Centenary boxed medal for the WI; 2 other bronze medallions; a cap badge
283. A collection of British and World coins including some pre-1947 silver coinage
284. A selection of GB pre-1947 silver coinage (approx £5 15s face value)
285. A collection of GB £1 and other bank notes
286. A collection of Roman and other coin and part coin finds, and bronze pieces, all from Wycombe area
287. GB QV florin 1891, other tokens, a quantity of GB copper coins
288. A selection of unsorted foreign coins
289. A selection of GB copper coinage, mainly pre-decimal



300. A large selection of World stamps in albums, stockbooks and loose
301. A collection of stamps in early album and a quantity loose
302. A collection of GB and world stamps in 2 albums including 1d black and 2d blue imperf
303. A collection of stamps mainly pre-war issues and a quantity of coins
304. A pre-War collection of stamps to include Bermuda, Argentina, other South America and a selection of World issues in 2 FG Warwick albums
305. A collection of GB stamps QV – QE11, 2 stamp/coin covers £60‑£80
306. A collection of Canada, Australia and New Zealand stamps in albums and stockbooks
307. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
308. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
309. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
310. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
311. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
312. A World selection of stamps in albums etc.
313. A selection of first day covers; including commemorative coins and a selection of commemorative coins and crown sets
314. A collection of British Commonwealth and World stamps in 8 albums
315. GERMANY – a collection of stamps in 2 albums and on sheets (cat £500+)
316. SPAIN – a collection of mainly commemorative in 2 albums 1962-74 and 1982-91 (card around £400)
317. CANADA – a collection in stockbook and a other British Commonwealth
318. A selection of GB mint commemorative sets in presentation packets
319. A selection of GB mint commemorative sets in presentation packet
320. The World Wildlife Fund mint stamp and postal cover collection in 5 albums
321. Various coin and medal stamp covers including 2 x £5 and 2 x £2 coins
322. A selection of GB FDC’s, mint stamp sets, 40 1st class stamps
323. RMS TITANIC: St Vincent & The Grenadiers $20 gold foil stamp, a quantity of unsorted world stamps
324. PRINCESS ANNE: Royal Wedding Album 1973, 2 stock books containing Wildlife mini sheets etc
325. A collection of 25+ GB commemorative stamp books
326. QEII Coronation: a collection of mint Commonwealth stamps in album and 3 other albums of Royal commemorative issues
327. Prince Charles Wedding, 2 albums of commemorative stamps and minisheets and a similar pair of albums with covers and stamp books etc
328. A selection of GB mint commemorative sets in presentation packets
329. A collection of world commemorative stamps
330. 2 albums (Israel) cat £320
331. Amherst stamp album – Ideal album, Viking album, Triumph album
332. Album of GB Vic – QEII railway stamps, Edward shades to 6d; stockbooks Vic – GVI
333. 2 stockbooks GB Vic – QEII values to £1 1948 2d Blue, Penny Reds 1924 Exhibition booklet panes, GV – Vic 1887 shades, Edward shades, Phosphor’s
334. Box file – imperfs – Crete misperf 3 small stockbooks Local post PHQ cards Churchill – used Bicentennial used plastic box of GB, foreign F.D.C.’s etc
335. Binder (inc) Cape of Good Hope, S.G. 19(cat) £350, 19A (cat) £325, 20 (cat) £500, Italian overprints (cat) £200, Lundy & Lichtenstein (cat) £200 Ascension
336. 140 FDC’s 2 albums & loose GB & foreign
337. A selection of stamps in albums and loose
338. A selection of loose stamps
339. Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria, a small collection of GVI and QEII mint issues in loose-leaf album
340. A quantity of kiloware and other unsorted stamps
341. A selection of GB QEII issues duplicate selection, in stockbooks
342. GB, a collection of part sheets of QEII issues, England Winners etc, in 2 albums
343. GB: a collection in album to include QV 1d black and 2d blue in perf issues
344. GB QEII: a collection of definitive issues with postmarks on part covers, a selection of books and stamp collecting accessories
345. British Commonwealth: a collection of stamps in loose leaf album, mainly GV and GVI
346. China – a s mall collection of stamps in stockbook etc
347. A collection of World stamps in 6 albums
348. USA: a collection of stamps in Schaubek album including early issues and a stockbook of early duplicates etc
349. GB QEII – a collection of mint commemorative stamps in presentation packs
350. GB QEII – a collection of First Day Covers and various mint commemorative sets
351. A case of stamps, Austria sheets etc, two stock books and contents, Canada, an album and FDC’s
352. A pre-War collection of stamps to include Bermuda, Argentina, other South America and a selection of World issues, in 2 F G Warwick albums
353. A 1930’s saxophone, Sioma Paris 1032, with silvered decoration, in original case
354. Two stamp albums with contents


Post and cigarette Cards:

360. A postcard
361. A selection of vintage postcards; 5 albums of modern postcards
362. A large quantity of ephemera including old photo albums, commemorative newspapers; box of early 1900’s postcards, music sheets etc.
363. A collection of vintage cigarette cards in 7 albums
364. A collection of early 20th century postcards in albums
365. Two early 20th century postcard albums with Waterloo scenes & local scenes, Buxton etc and a box of later cards
366. A Victorian and later leather bound photograph album
367. American Civil War 1960’s bubble gum cards 1 – 88, with duplicates
368. A large selection of cigarette cards, mainly loose



373. A large leather and brass bound family Bible and a leather bound photograph album
374. A selection of various antique books
375. A selection of books on Book collecting etc
376. THAUSING – Diver, Leipzig 1876 and a selection of other books
377. A selection of books on printing and typography including 2 works on Stanley Morrison
378. MERVYN PEAKE – Figures of Speech, 1954 and a selection of other books
379. THE FOUR GOSPELS – Limited Edition Club 1932, slipcase; 5 other books in slipcases
380. OUT OF THE ARK PRESS; Harold Morland, 2 ltd editions and others by Michael Adam and similar works
381. HAROLD MACMILLAN autograph in album with various others £20‑£40
382. AGATHA CHRISTIE autograph on single album leaf £50‑£80
383. SIR WINSTON S. CHURCHILL autograph on letter piece laid on single album leaf £100‑£200
384. MICHAEL COOPER photographer: BLINDS and SHUTTERS limited edition signed by Dennis Hopper, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Blake amongst others, formerly owned by Alan McGee 1990
385. A selection of Ordnance Survey quarter inch maps and others with some on linen, various editions £30‑£40
386. 3-D Adventure in Space, Tower Press and other children’s story books including Enid Blyton Picture Books
387. A photo album including several pictures of earthquake damage Athens September 1932; other ephemera
388. A Raphael Tuck painting competition booklet, a collection of children’s story books
389. RUPERT Annuals 1947, 1949 & 1950; The Monster Rupert and another
390. RUPERT Adventure series 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 and a yellow library book
391. A mid-19th century illustrated Brown’s Self Interpreting Bible published by Adam & Co. with original clasps and binding £30‑£50
392. BRITISH ARTISTS 1880-1940 Victorian Painting, collecting English watercolours and other art reference books
393. L.S. LOWRY – a collection of Exhibition catalogues
394. A collection of books including works illustrated by C.F. Tunnicliffe
395. A collection of books illustrated by C.F Tunnicliffe including works by Alison Uttley
396. A collection of natural history books including works illustrated by C.F Tunnicliffe
397. GUNN (J.) – Merchant Mariners, one of 150 copies, signed 1987
398. HERRICK – (Robert) – One Hundred and Eleven Poems illustrated by Sir William Russell Flint, Ltd edition of 550 copies, Golden Cockerel Press 1955
399. SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT – etchings and Dry-Points, the Catalogue Raisonne, one of 135 copies (no. 108) signed a d with a signed frontier piece, Colnaghi, 1957
400. SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT – The Book of To it and the history of Susanna, Ltd ed one of 100 copies (no. 24) with extra suite of illustrations, limp vellum 1929
401. SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT – The Book of Tobit ltd ed 1929 and Shadows in Arcady, signed Ltd edition 1965 (with prospectus)
402. SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT – JUDITH, Ltd edition 1929; Models of Propriety, 1951, 3 other related items
403. A collection of “The Observer ” book of Automobiles 16 vols
404. A group of 55+ 1 inch ordnance survey maps, mainly North Yorkshire and Scotland including War Office editions and others of the same period
405. A selection of 18th and 19th century manuscript, deeds & mortgages etc mainly on vellum
406. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Sign of the Four, third edition published by George Newnes, London £50‑£80
407. The Letters of T E Lawrence (of Arabia): edited by David Garnett
408. Two bronze Russian Soviet Russian commemorative plaques
409. Two Soviet Russian bronze commemorative plaques
410. A selection of children’s book
411. A selection of children’s books
412. A collection of various Marvel, DC and other graphic novels
413. A collection of various Marvel, DC and other graphic novels
414. A selection of books
415. A selection of military magazines


Military and Medals Section:

421. A WW1 1914 -15 Star trio of medals to 61964 to SPR J Wittaker R.E. and a WWII medal
422. A WWI period oak ammunition box 14” wide
423. A pierced and riveted steel Great Helmet reproduction 15” high £80‑£120
424. A brass mounted pierced and riveted Pigface Bascinet reproduction helmet 11” high £80‑£120
425. An English Civil War riveted steel reproduction lobsterpot helmet 13” high £80‑£120
426. Turkish Crimea Medal marked “La Crimea 1855” awarded to J. Leat (with soldered brooch pin mount)
427. A WWI SWB No 311561, a Scout with Thanks silver badge, Hazel Grove Centenary medals etc.
428. A Turkish prisoner of war beaded snake 22” WWI period £30‑£40
429. Ivan Berryman P-38 Lightening WWII twin engine long range fighter by Lockheed gouache signed, framed and glazed
430. A selection of military letters and post cards and a ceramic wall hanging of General Sir Redvers Butler V.C.
431. A QEII Naval pair of medals including the Cadet Forces Medal and Naval Reserve LSGC medal to ALT (SCC) J Nolan RMR (P990699K J. Nolan MNE RMR £50‑£80
432. A German shell fuse A Dopp.Z c/92 sp from WWI £20‑£40
433. An African tribal metal blade wristband diameter 5″ (by repute collected in the Turkana tribe territory in North Kenya)
434. A WWI khaki painted pine two handled ordnance chest 30″
435. ORDER of ST LAZARUS of JERUSALEM to Major Lindsay Frank BULLIVANT (R.E. retd) with certificate lady’s badge and miniature, a typescript account “Tibetan Trek” 1943 a related photograph and other photographs and ephemera
436. A WWI Territorial group of two medals comprising British War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal (GV) to 759 Pte S Scholes, 9 – March Reg (350062 on Tem) with silver war badge number B 10843 with copy paperwork
437. A World War One Voluntary Aid Detachment armband and letters and a photograph album showing V.A.D. members and soldiers and other similar photographs etc
438. British Red Cross: WWII Defence Medal to Edna M Austin B R C S, cap badge and certificate
439. A pair of officer’s trousers, 3 pairs of other rank trousers, a buttoned shirt and a pair of puttees
440. Boer War: a set of chromolithograph prints depicting a soldier and sailor, 12.5″ x 9.5″, in original matching frames
441. An RAF Officer’s leather mounted canvas belt with pouch, an RAF canvas belt and a similar rifle sling
442. A Brompton Webb beret with brass cap badge; a Royal Artillery side cap with cap badge; a Northamptonshire Regiment side cap with badge and a Guard’s cap with badge
443. A Tam O’Shanter by Lochan with cap badge; a Royal Navy cap with red Admiralty cloth badge; a tailored RAF side cap with gilt badges and buttons
444. An original photograph of the First Lancashire Volunteer Artillery, Jubilee Detachment 1897 (repaired); a WWII canvas bag with shoulder straps dated 1942
445. Two late 19th / early 20th century military leather belts, each with buttoned pouch
446. An emergency fire ladder
447. A collection of WWII army belts including canvas and leather examples
448. A British Army canvas map case £10‑£15
449. An ARP air raid waning rattle £20‑£25
450. A WWII fire department axe £25‑£35
451. A British Army trenching tool £10‑£15
452. A selection of whistle and pistol lanyards £20‑£25
453. A Loyal North Lancs embroidered memorial Pte J Sharples 200813 WWI £25‑£35
454. A 19th century 17/21st Lancers pennant carried at Omdurman, 1898, framed £30‑£40
455. A Victorian Sussex Artillery Volunteers leather belt with armorial clasp £40‑£50
456. A pair of WWI Manchester Regiment swagger sticks £30‑£40
457. A Lancashire Fusiliers silver top swagger stick, 1913 and another to the same regiment £40‑£50
458. FIELD MARSHALL MONTGOMERY- bronze commemorative plaque, framed and a framed miniature portrait bust £40‑£50
459. A Scots Guards painted figure of a drummer with display dome £20‑£25
460. A group of whistles including an RAF example (WWI) a boson’s pipe and 2 others £40‑£60
461. 3 officers’ ID bracelets, 2 hallmarked silver £45‑£60
462. A group of Wigan Post Office badges and photos £25‑£30
463. A selection of Australian badges, shoulder titles etc £45‑£60
464. A selection of Australian sweetheart badges £40‑£50
465. A Silver Jubilee medal to Inspector A W Thomson, Manchester Ship Canal £25‑£30
466. Two ‘Sealed Knot’ flintlock guns, 60″
467. AV DAWSON HOWITT Palomar 64″ recurve bow of laminate construction, with case
468. A British pattern bayonet by Sanderson of Sheffield with possibly later leather scabbard
469. 2 Vols of Flag of Pretoria
470. A History of The First World War, 4 vols
471. Two tribal daggers in ornate leather sleeves, lengths 14″ and 11″
472. Two tribal daggers in ornate leather sleeves, lengths 14″ and 11″
473. A selection of WW2 uniform and caps
474. An early 19th century military French infantry gladius sword with brass handle and leather scabbard, blade marked TATABOT Paris, handle mk 561, blade length 19′ full length 25′ £80‑£120
475. An early 19th century military French infantry gladius sword, leather scabbard mk to blade (N), handle mk 687, blade length 19′, full length 25′ £80‑£120
476. A WW1 trio to P/971 L-Cpl J.C. Walsh , Military Foot Police
477. A WW1 medal group comprising War Medal , Victory Medal and Memorial Plaque to 535216 Pte Oswald Harrison Walsh, died 24th August 1917, 1st Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles, posted 8th Btn. KRRC.
478. A WW1 pair of medals to SE/19877 Pte W Hargreaves, Army Veterinary Corps and a single British War Medal to S4/144911 Sjt L.V. Watson who died 18th Feb. 1919.
479. A WW1 1915 Star trio to Spr. E.G. East, Royal Engineers.
480. A WW1 medal group comprising War Medal, Victory Medal and Memorial Plaque to 34822 Private Henry Wild, West Yorkshire Regiment.
481. An Intelligence Corps cap badge. a cloth shoulder badge etc.
482. A WW1 pair of medals to 46013 Pte F. Piper, South Wales Borderers.
483. Croydon and the Great War, 1920, presented in memory of L.Cpl. William Frith King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment who died 22nd June 1918.
484. A framed Military Cross award card to 2nd Lieut R.W. Picken (name mis-spelt)




Scientific and Photographic Section:


490. A mahogany cased Sikes Hydrometer with fitted weights etc: a rosewood cased set of drawing instruments: a similar set
491. A RANSOMES’ PATENT Victorian travelling inkwell by De La Rue & Co, 2.5 x 2 inches; a horn cased lens and a similar triple lens magnifier
492. A 19th century compass sundial with printed paper scale and equations of time in turned hardwood case 2 inches £50‑£80
493. A CANON T70 35mm SLR camera with 50mm 1.8 lens, a Canon Zoom Lens 75-200 4.5 and a Vivitar MC tele converter etc
494. A ZEISS Ikon Contina 35mm camera, a Bolex Paillard cine camera; a Leich slide projector
495. An early 1900’s complete boxed optician’s lens set including approx 250 lenses, glasses etc in original take-out-tray £100‑£150
496. A group of vintage thermionic radio valves, the largest 6 inches
497. An early 20th century brass yarn balance by EXUPERT of Paris original box
498. A LEICA III camera No 328058 with Summar 50mm 1.2 lens No 409142 in E.R. leather case, a LEITZ ELMAR 35mm 3.5 lens in original box, a Summaron extension tube, a close up viewer boxed, another Leitz range finder, a Ross lens etc. £200‑£250
499. 2 micrometres; 2 thermometers; engineering magazine etc
500. A Pentax SLR camera; a Minolta 7000 camera; an Elma cine camera
501. A cased scientific balance
502. A 19th century brass microscope
503. A set of brass scientific weights in fitted mahogany box; a cased pair of Zeiss binoculars
504. A BOLEX Paillard movie projector; a quantity of films
505. An EXAKTA 35mm camera in original case with spare lenses, light meters and accessories; a box camera; a cased pair of binoculars; a folding tripod
506. 2 cased sets of vintage drawing instruments, rulers and slide rules, thermometer etc.
507. A 4 set brass telescope in original leather case by Dollard London X25; a small pocket telescope; a brass cased picket compass
508. A VOIGTLANDER Vitomatic II camera and 6 others
509. A Canon zoom lens EF 75-300mm 1.4 – 5.6 III VSM, a d a tele convertor
510. A SIGMA Mirror telephoto lens (13.5, 1000mm) boxed
511. A ELICAR f11 800mm mirror telephoto lens boxed
512. A SIGMA Mirror telephoto lens (5.6 400mm) boxed
513. A VIVITAR f8 800mm, two section telephoto lens original carrying case
514. A Mirander 35mm camera; a Soligos 1:3.5 f =135mm lens; a Soligos 1:28 f = 35mm lens & accessories
515. A selection of vintage camera equipment etc
516. A selection of vintage camera equipment etc
517. A selection of vintage camera equipment
518. A selection of vintage flash lighting bulbs including Philips Photoflux etc
519. A box of Case.dark slide, camera S4 slides and a collection of other vintage camera slides etc
520. A large selection of vintage camera flashes, polaroid etc
521. A No 2 Kodak trimming board, another and a selection of vintage camera equipment
522. A boxed Johnson do-it-yourself printing set and a quantity of photographic pamphlets and magazines including the Aptus Winter Specialities pamphlets etc
523. A selection of Philips and other photographic bulbs etc
524. A selection of Atlas and other projector/camera bulbs etc
525. A Pathescope Pathex film camera, a Chinon 671 film camera and a Chinon 671 film camera and a large selection of various camera equipment. vintage and other
526. A Bingoscope projector and a selection of other vintage projector parts and camera equipment etc
527. 2 Vintage Model 2 Brownie pocket folding cameras and a selection of vintage camera equipment
528. A vintage Pathe projector and a selection of vintage reels etc
529. Originally boxed Leitz Pradolux projector and a selection of other various items etc
530. A Bell & Howell Filmosound and a Bell & Howell 12″ speaker
531. A La Belle Duo 16 projector etc
532. A GB Equipment model L516 and a cased pathescope H projector
533. A cased selection of metal bound Stereograms Ltd slides
534. A cased selection of vintage Stereographic slides including oriental and tribal scenes with vintage Stereographic viewer
535. A large selection of various bound and dated volumes of British Journal Photographic Almanac dating from 1909 onwards
536. A selection of books on photography including Practical Photography and Amateur Cinematography volumes 1-3 Photography of the Figure by Charles Simpson etc
537. A selection of hard backed books on photography including Leica manual by Morgan & Lester etc
538. A selection of hard backed books and various pamphlets on photography
539. A selection of hard backed and paper backed books on photography including Antique and Classic Cameras by Harry I Gross
540. Five volumes of Kodak Data Book, a large selection of vintage photographic magazines etc
541. A selection of photography books and magazines
542. A collection of mainly British Victorian and later photographic artist handwritten invoices some with stamps. A collection of Christie’s catalogues about photography and other photographic ephemera
543. A selection of photographic books and Christie’s catalogues on Leica cameras etc
544. A collection of vintage camera instruction manuals and various vintage texts on photography
545. A selection of glass photographic advertising plates for 8 o’clock Coffee
546. A brass library telescope mounted on tripod stand with turned column, 23″ long
547. A selection of aeronautical altitude meters and other dashboard instruments
548. A Nikon SLR camera with 3 spare lenses, flash gun; a similar camera and attachments
549. 4 Courtney 1000 S photography studio lights etc


Sporting Section:

551. Sporting collectables – Cassels Book of Sport & Pastimes 1896 (more than 900 illustrations), vintage darts in tinplate box, billiard balls, 2 pairs of cased wooden bowls etc; a box of Victorian children’s books & others
552. A Shakespeare Aerial Travel Fly 6 piece carbon fibre rod 2.85m
553. A Shakespeare Seamaster boat rod 67”, a fixed spool reel and shooting stick
554. A HARDY Graphite two piece fly rod 290cm
555. A SHAKESPEARE CONDEX salmon fly reel, canvas cover and original box (2767)
556. A J.W. Young Fifteen Hundred Series fly reel, canvas cover and a Leeda Rim Fly similar
557. A vintage style fly reel with anodised finish in presentation mahogany box
558. A DAIWA 732 fly reel with spare spool and another reel (a.f.)
559. A HARDY ”The Sunbeam” 9/10 4” fly reel with spare spool and zip case
560. A HARDY ”Marquis” 8/9 3.5” fly reel with spare spool and zip case
561. A HARDY ”The Sunbeam” 7/8 3.5” fly reel with spare spool and zip case
562. A HARDY ”Marquis” salmon No 2 4” fly reel with spare spool and zip cases
563. HARDY’S ANGLERS GUIDE 54th edition 1934, 55th edition 1937
564. HARDY’S ANGLERS GUIDE 58th edition 1951, 63rd edition
565. HARDY’S ANGLERS GUIDE, c 1960 and a selection of similar catalogues
566. MUFC autographs: George Best, Alex Stepney, Denis Law, Nobby Stiles and a sheet containing Matt Busby £30‑£40
567. FOOTBALL Autographs: Joe Mercer, Bill Foulkes, Jimmy Hill, Pat Crerand, Mike Summerbee and Tony Book £30‑£40
568. A Mohammed Ali v Ken Norton fight programme 10.9.1973 and a biography of Mohammed Ali
569. A SPARTAN LEAGUE silver football trophy PREM DIV 1938-9; a MCFC souvenir football and other football memorabilia including 1980’s MUFC programmes MUFC v MCFC programme Sept. 3rd 1949 and a group of 10 MUFC programmes from the same era (all a.f.)
570. An autograph album containing several international cricketers including Michael Holding and Joel Garner; a Red Stripe W.I. cricket programme 1988; 2 Pakistan programmes 1987 and other cricket ephemera
571. A professional darts set in Rosewood cabinet
572. Three 1966 Watney Mann Ale World Cup glasses with World Cup Willie Hoisting Barrel; a Wilson’s 150 year commemorative glass £25‑£35
573. Two letters signed by (Sir) Alf Ramsey and a copy of The FA World Cup Report 1966 with semi-final ticket stubs for Goodison Park (W. Germany v Russia)
574. An Australian Cricket Board team sheet with the autographs of the centenary test 1980 Australian team frame and glazed
575. A selection of 1940’s/50’s Programs for cycle racing etc many from the Manchester area
576. A framed Victorian cricketing print, humorous hunting print, Tunnicliffe bird print etc
577. An album containing the autographs of Danny Blanchflower, Kenneth Wolstenholme, Brian Statham and other sports personalities
578. An album containing a group of 18 Liverpool FC team autographs 1967 – 68 to include Emlyn Hughes, Ray Clemence et al and other sports and showbiz items including Joe Taylor
579. An album containing a group of 17 Liverpool FC team autographs 1967-68 to include Emylyn Hughes, Doug Livermore et al and other sports and showbiz items including Danny Blanchflower
580. A 1966 English World Cup enamelled chrome OFFICIAL badge
581. 2 early 20th century mahogany fishing reels with brass mounts and 2 smaller similar, 1 by Redmayne of Nottingham
582. 2 split cane fishing rods
583. An Airflow Classic trout rod 10′ AFTM 6/7, Hi Modulus Carbon; a Leeda trout reel and spare spool


Toys, Diecast, Hornby, Dolls, etc:

590. An Airfix GMR LMS locomotive and another similar 00 gauge locomotive £100‑£150
591. A HORNBY Railway LMS Class 4P 2-6-4T locomotive, 00 gauge, a Royal Mail coach and other rolling stock £120‑£150
592. A MATCHBOX Super-Marine kit and others
593. A Mamod Steam Engine £30‑£50
594. A Scalextric Cailbra Cup boxed set £30‑£50
595. A Vintage Japanese Robot, Victorian style dolls, a Playmobile Aeroplane, a 1980’s copy of Dandy annual; £20‑£30
596. A Vintage Grand Prix boxed racing car, Robot cosmic racer 2 mini Hoppers etc. £30‑£50
597. A quantity of pre-war scratch built toys for ‘0’ gauge railway; similar pull along toys
598. A tinplate humming top and other similar vintage toys
599. A late 19th century bisque headed doll with the head marked Simon and Halbig K (star)R, jointed composition body 12 inches long
600. A bisque kewpie doll; a half doll and a small quantity of handmade items
601. A selection of 1920’s circus and farm toys; a felt Noah’s Ark and animals
602. A quantity of marbles; various tins
603. A large selection of vintage jigsaws
604. A large selection of HORNBY tinplate ‘0’ gauge railway including locomotives, rolling stock and track
605. A similar selection of tinplate railway
606. A box of vintage games including Table Croquet and Quoits, Impeedee etc; box of card games, travel chess etc.
607. A 1960’s battery operated ”Lovely Doodle” figure in original box (box a.f.); 2 Golly figures; an original boxed Corgi removal van and boxed London bus
608. A stained and painted wood pond yacht, hull 35” length
609. A selection of mid-20th century dolls circa 1930’s – 1970’s
610. A Walt Disney Micky Mouse toy; a selection of early 20th century and later Teddy Bears and similar toys
611. A selection of diecast ships, aeroplanes, Matchbox vehicles and other toys
612. A Tri-Ang sit and ride London bus; a Coney circular bagatelle and a similar one £25‑£35
613. A Tri-Ang Gyro Cycle, original box £40‑£60
614. A remote control Naval Patrol boat 30” cased
615. A large quantity of marbles
616. A simulated ivory and ebony chess set in box; An inlaid games box and another
617. An originally boxed Hornby “Flying Scotsman” train set including loco, tender, 3 carriages (no track or accessories, box a.f.)
618. Two Tonka diecast vehicles and a selection of others £30‑£50
619. A selection of various Polistil and Burago diecast vehicles £30‑£50
620. Seasons 1-3 Star Trek original series in collectors DVD cased with original cardboard slip case £15‑£20
621. An originally boxed Triang “Spot-on” 266 Bull nose Morris (1923) (box a.f.); 2 unboxed Dinky vans “Trojan Esso” & “Bedford Van”; an unboxed Corgi “Morris Cowley”; Matchbox Mercedes-Benz “Binz”, ambulance and associated box (box a.f.)
622. A Dinky “Big Bed Ford- Heinz 57 Varieties van” (unboxed): 2 Dinky double-decker buses and a Corgi “Routemaster double-decker bus (unboxed)
623. A selection of unboxed and well used Dinky, Corgi and other diecast vehicles etc.
624. An originally boxed Triang “R54 4-6-2 Pacific loco; Triang R54 0-4-0 Dock Shunter, black livery
625. An originally boxed Triang 00 4-6-2 Princess Royal loco, maroon livery; a boxed Princess Royal tender
626. An originally boxed Triang 00 R228 Pullman 1st Class Anne carriages
627. 4 originally boxed Triang 00 wagons R115 Caboose: R126 Stock car: R137 cement car: R117 oil tank bogie wagon
628. An originally boxed Triang 00 R161 Operating Hopper car set: Triang R81 Station set: Triang “operating mail coach set” (incomplete)
629. A collection of Triang originally boxed track and related items including 2 x R195 curved track large radius: R293 & R294 right & left hand points: R78 girder bridge: R140 signal gantry: 2 x R79 inclined piers: R77 1 pair of bridge supports: P42 circuit control power unit and Triang power unit No 1
630. An originally boxed Penguin 17th Avon battery operated High Speed luxury motor cruiser: an originally boxed Triang Minic Sherman tank: similar tank
631. An originally boxed Triang 00 R3N electric model railroad with 7005 diesel loco, 4 various trucks, track etc (box lid a.f.)
632. An originally boxed Triang 00 R3VX electric model railroad with American style loco and dummy loco, 2 carriages, track and transformer (box lid a.f.)
633. Two originally boxed Dinky Toys diecast vehicles 144 Volkswagen 1500 (boxes worn) £30‑£50
634. Dinky Toy originally boxed diecast vehicle 451 Trojan 15cwt van “Dunlop” (box missing two flaps) £25‑£35
635. A Dinky Toys originally boxed diecast vehicle 455 Trojan van “Brooke Bond Tea” (box a.f. – flap missing) £30‑£50
636. A Dinky Toys originally boxed diecast vehicle 471 Austin Van “Nestlé’s” (box worn) £30‑£50
637. A Dinky Toys originally boxed diecast vehicle 452 Trojan 15cwt van “Chivers” (box worn) £30‑£50
638. A Dinky Toys originally boxed diecast vehicle 187 Volkswagen Karman Ghia coupe in green and cream (box worn) £30‑£50
639. A Dinky Toys originally boxed diecast vehicle 107 Sunbeam Alpine Sports (boxed worn) £30‑£50
640. Two originally boxed Dinky Toys diecast vehicles 674 Austin Champ (one with original driver, one without), (boxes worn) £30‑£50
641. Two originally boxed Dinky Toys diecast vehicles 674 Champ (one with original driver, one without), (boxes worn) £30‑£50
642. An originally boxed Corgi Toys diecast vehicle 239 Volkswagen 1500 Karman Ghia in cream with red interior and original model club paper (box worn) £30‑£50
643. An originally boxed Corgi Toys diecast vehicle 304 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, hardtop Roadster in cream and red with original club slip (windscreen damaged and box worn) £20‑£40
644. An originally boxed Corgi Toys diecast vehicle 234 Ford Consul classic 315 in cream and pink (box worn) £30‑£50
645. An originally boxed Corgi Toys diecast vehicle 358 H.Q. Staff car (box worn) £30‑£50
646. A bagatelle, a wooden crane, yacht and other vintage toys
647. A collection of Britain’s and other painted lead zoo animals
648. A collection of Britain’s and other painted lead farm animals
649. A vintage farm with various buildings and a quantity of painted lead figures
650. A large collection of 1950’s Meccano plus Meccano magazines and instruction books


650A… –A collection of approx 60 Meccano magazines, 1952 – 65 various dates between

651. A selection of vintage toy cars including clockwork; various model planes etc
652. A Dinky Supertoys GUY Slumberland delivery van and a selection of similar commercial vehicles etc
653. A 3.5″ gauge TITCH locomotive and tender with accessories, live steam with display track
654. A model power boat with electric motor 18″ in stained wood box
655. A selection of 00 gauge and other railway
656. A collection of Teddy Bears
657. Two Steiff teddy bears 11″
658. A MERRYTHOUGHT 2000 teddy bear and a other by the same maker
659. A YORKSHIRE Beanie teddy bear and 2 small HERMAN bears
660. A DEANS Reference Book Collector’s & Club Teddy Bear “HARRIS” and 3 other Dean’s bears
661. A MERRYTHOUGHT Teddy Bear “Ha’penny and 2 others by the same maker
662. A Thunderbirds sound tech Tracey Island set with figures
663. An early 20th century pond yacht (distressed) a shove ha’penny board; a bagatelle board
664. A vintage pond yacht, a certificate “Association of Professional Fire Brigade Officers Diploma”
665. A World of Barbie Doll case and various contents
666. A MAMOD S.R.1 Steam Roller in original box with paper label instructions
667. A DINKY toys Corvette, another boat, 4 fighter planes and 5 military jeeps etc
668. A selection of Britain’s farm toys including vehicles and farm sheds
669. A MATCHBOX Superfast case with contents of cast metal cars, various other toys
670. A CORGI Chipperfield’s Bedford giraffe truck, various other zoo and farm animals
671. A DINKY toys tank transporter, a Leopard tank, various other military vehicles
672. A selection of unboxed die cast vehicles including tractor crane, road roller, Matchbox ‘Hover Raider’: an originally boxed ‘Fluttering Bird’ and a selection of MacDonald’s cartoon characters and animals
673. A boxed Corgi McDonnell F 4N Phantom II fighter plane ; an originally boxed ‘Volvo F H 12’ articulated lorry R J Fielding Cheshire Ltd and an originally boxed 1-32 M4 A3 tank
674. Approximately 25 originally boxed ‘Models of Yesteryear’ and similar die cast vehicles
675. A Thunderbirds battery operated wall clock, a Thunderbirds cylindrical transistor radio
676. A remote control ‘Mini Cooper’ with remote and charger
677. A Tonka cement mixer; a Tonka snow plough and digger and 2 lorries
678. Four wind up tin plate toys and 2 similar motor bikes (unboxed)
679. Fourteen various scale model cars by Burago etc (unboxed)
680. A selection of vintage Meccano with motor and Meccano game; 2 boxes of Gears of War by Meccano
681. A radio system and set; Rocket Science Lab Build Your Own Space Rocket
682. Thunderbirds 10 in 1 3D Puzzles; A selection of Wicker DVD Mysterious Forces Beyond
683. Star Wars Pop-Up Darth Vader and Captain Cold, in box ; a Star Wars game, plate and Special Edition glass in box
684. A Batman game; Superman Belt; R2D2 model; Captain Sparrow in box, Aladdin in box and a Barbie in box
685. 7 Warhammer books, a Wonder Woman book, Negron book, Star Wars Collectors’ edition book; a small stationery cabinet
686. 2 Star Wars space ships and Star Wars cards; Star wars The Inquisitor £20‑£20
687. Pirate Clash, Will Turner £20‑£30
688. Lord of the Rings figures: Witch King, boxed and Legolas, boxed £30‑£40
689. Lord of the Rings figures: Frodo in box and Sam Gamgee £30‑£40
690. A large quantity of dolls’ house furniture
691. A selection of Delgado lead soldiers of various kinds
692. An unusual boxed Scalextric 500 Rothmans set with 2 cars, crew and power unit
693. A selection of dolls and Teddy bears
694. A large Eff and Bee composition doll £30‑£40
695. A Mamod steam powered car in cream
696. A Mamod steam tractor
697. A Wilesco steam tractor roller ‘Old Smoky’ with trailer
698. A doll’s house
699. A doll’s house
700. A doll’s house
701. A Mammas and Pappas rocking horse
702. A Steiff bunny Lulac with tags
703. 2 early 20th century Teddy bears with 4 stitches to paws and smaller Teddy bear
704. A boxed CB Sky child’s classical guitar in pink
705. A Tri-Ang Ocean liner with clockwork motor, RMS Pretoria Castle, boxed
706. A collection of early Lego Systems parts and an originally boxed Lego System 700/5 set
707. A large collection of Meccano parts, including originally packed Meccano Extra Parts, Super Tool set, Boxed transformer Mo T6, many types of parts and magazines
708. A Mid-20th century Meccano light oak 6 drawer collector’s cabinet with original Meccano parts card to the back, each drawer with various spare parts some with double levels.
709. A collection of Hornby “0” gauge tinplate 3-rail electric track, including 2 points plus standard straights and curves
710. A collection if assorted “00” gauge model railway engines (6) plus coaches wagons etc
711. An originally boxed Dinky Supertoys Tank Transporter 660 (box a.f.)
712. An originally boxed Dinky Toys Coventry Climax Fork Lift truck (box a.f.); an originally boxed Dinky Supertoys Blaw Knox Bulldozer 561 (box and model a.f.); a Dinky motor car; A Dinky Toys armoured personnel carrier; another command vehicle 677; a medium gun 6928, a similar gun 428; a trailer, disc harrow and a Ford saloon £40‑£60
713. A boxed Hornby ‘0’ gauge tinplate clockwork loco, carriage and track £20‑£30
714. A selection of Doctor Who toys etc
715. An ERTL ‘It’s a Snap model Kit’ Return of the Jedi X-wing Fighter boxed and other Star wars books
716. A selection of various toys