February 14th Auction 2018         ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Viewing Tuesday 13th April 12noon  – 6.30pm and from 9.00am morning of sale

General Section 10.00am

  1. A cream leather 2 seater settee
  2. A modern 2 door display cabinet
  3. Two 1930’s oak 2 height chests of drawers
  4. A 1930’s cheval mirror; a drop leaf tea trolley
  5. An ebonised stick stand
  6. A 1970’s Hornsea pottery tea service; a Victorian jug and bowl and platter
  7. A selection of china; glassware; etc.


  1. Four signed limited edition prints: Yorkshire Dales; other pictures and prints


  1. An Ikea armchair in brown


  1. Three wooden “ET” figures; a barometer; 2 baskets; other decorative items


  1. A wrought iron full height CD stand; a table lamp; metal ornaments


  1. A garden trough and boot pot; other garden ornaments


  1. A modern metal garden suite comprising rectangular table, 6 chairs and settee


  1. A large coloured landscape print; 3 portraits: Humphrey Bogart; Clint Eastwood; other pictures and prints


  1. Three gilt framed wall mirrors


  1. A 1930’s rectangular oak tray; a 1930’s wall mirror and another; a large brass wall plaque and a selection of fossils; specimens; shells; etc.


  1. Three barbola mirrors; a similar firescreen; 3 prints


  1. A Victorian walnut and Tunbridge ware overmantel mirror


  1. A JVC stacking stereo


  1. An ebonised 3 tier cake stand; a pine bedside cabinet


  1. A selection of teaware; glassware; Midwinter Cassandra; a convex mirror; a dimple bottle table lamp; a brass plaque; other brassware; etc.


  1. A 1950’s oak chest of drawers; an ottoman


  1. Two 1930’s opaque glass painted light bowls; 2 similar shades


  1. An Edwardian mahogany sideboard base/desk


  1. A Royal Standard part tea service; a pair of German wall plaques, decorative pottery


  1. A square occasional table inset bevelled glass top; a nest of 2 tables; a pair of gilt framed pictures



  1. A 1960’s school desk; a similar era Tiger Toys’ doll’s house; various Thunderbirds toys


  1. A selection of meat plates; dishes; other decorative plates


  1. A Capodimonte style soup tureen; a boxed set of Hank Williams LP’s; a Wet Wet Wet LP; a boxed presentation set: “The Tenors”; a battery charger


  1. A signed print after Terence Cuneo, framed and glazed


  1. After Sir Winston Churchill: “Evening Glow at Mimizan”, limited edition print; 2 artist signed prints


  1. A selection of puppets; toys; games; etc.


  1. A selection of decorative glass and china


  1. A Poole part tea set including a toast rack; other tea china


  1. A selection of decorative china including Royal Doulton plates


  1. A Victorian walnut spoonback armchair with knurled arm rests and feet (requires re-upholstery)


  1. A Georgian mahogany bow front corner cupboard (a.f.)


  1. A painted oak fire surround with barley twist column supports, mirror back and carved detail


  1. A modern Parker Knoll two seater sofa upholstered in red fabric


  1. A Jacobean style large oak sideboard of 2 cupboards and 2 drawers, on bulbous legs; a matched set of 6 1920’s Queen Anne style mahogany dining chairs


  1. A selection of decorative plates; a vase; oriental plates


  1. A set of 4 oriental red and black lacquer panels with raised hardstone effect figures in landscapes



  1. A reproduction classical style table lamp with animal style decoration with silvered highlights


  1. A selection of china; glass; decorative items; an inlaid musical box; a gondola; etc.


  1. A white painted wine rack


  1. Two simulated 17th/18th century carvings, head & shoulders of a man, and gilded fruit and flower panel


  1. A wrought iron 3 branch standard candelabrum; a 1930’s wooden wastepaper basket


  1. A selection of various DVD’s; books; etc.


  1. A large DC comics cover poster, similar smaller Hulk and Spiderman posters; a Star Wars fact file and other collectors’ books


  1. A large wicker picnic basket and selection of collectables


  1. A boxed Escalado game, an oak barometer, a similar oak mirror and another mirror


  1. A selection of hardback books


  1. A leather effect hip flask in case with 4 beakers, an oil painted mirror etc


  1. A selection of various collectables


  1. A Coleman’s mustard pot, a boxed Fukazawa bell and other china


  1. A Mason’s jewel sash


  1. Three fenders, 2 metal, one wood


  1. A selection of pictures and prints including Brocklehurst silks


  1. A wood effect 2 drawer filing cabinet


  1. A watercolour of Ullswater; pictures and prints; LP records


  1. A carved wood standard lamp; a gilt standard lamp


  1. A glazed table top cabinet, white painted; 2 large gilt vases; an oil painting; a basket; table linen


  1. A gilt bordered coffee set; a guillotine; an overnight case; a Morse code tapper; etc.


  1. A 1960’s vintage lightwood and gilt 2 tier trolley


  1. A mahogany CD stand


  1. A brass coal scuttle; copper pans; a selection of wicker baskets


  1. Eight table lamps, including 2 reproduction brass lamps; a wall mirror


  1. A selection of silver plate and cutlery


  1. A selection of costume jewellery


  1. A selection of costume jewellery


  1. A selection of costume jewellery


  1. A selection of cut and other glass ware


  1. A selection of decorative and other glassware


  1. A 49″ Sony flat screen TV with remote


  1. An Arts and Crafts low seat armchair with raffia seats and a footstool


  1. A bronzed eagle on marble effect plinth, a fantasy display weapon, a selection of Middle Eastern table cloths


  1. A large selection of costume jewellery


  1. A large selection of costume jewellery





www.the-saleroom.com /maxwells




  1. A Beswick Greenfinch 2105; a Goebels Blue jay; 2 similar musical birds; 11 Franklin game birds of the world plates


  1. Six cut glass tumblers by Derby; 6 Edinburgh Crystal wine glasses; 6 Bohemian Crystal wine glasses; a boxed Doulton crystal vase



  1. Four various decanters; a selection of glassware


  1. Two Murano style vases; a selection of coloured glassware; etc.


  1. A late 19th/early 20th century netzwork group, young couple dancing, in polychrome and gilt, on oval base, mark to the group, length 15″ (male arm a.f., minor chips to flowers and dress)


  1. A Chinese blue and white incense holder of square tapering form, decorated with characters, height 2½” (chips to rim); a Korean blue and white piece, diameter 2½”


  1. A Dresden style encrusted bowl supported by 2 cherubs; a selection of decorative Carlton, Royal Doulton and other pottery, etc.


  1. A Venetian style covered glass vase; commemorative ad other glassware


  1. A set of 6 cut thistle goblets; 6 similar tumblers


  1. An 18th century Nankin Cargo blue and white porcelain tea bowl and saucer


  1. A part suite of cut drinking glasses


  1. An Art Glass spherical bowl; other Art and coloured glassware


  1. A modern pair of large crystal table lamps and shades



  1. A pair of large crystal table lamps



  1. A Wedgwood Jasperware 3 piece tea service; other similar pieces; a jug and bowl; etc.


  1. A Whitefriar’s blue glass vase of ribbed baluster form, with label; 7 other Whitefriar’s style vases


  1. A 1930’s opaque white biscuit barrel; 2 commemorative glass dishes; carnival glass; Murano; etc.


  1. A Royal Brierley Studio vase in iridescent pink; Scandinavian and other coloured art glass


  1. Four large Victorian meat plates; a Boch blue and white plaque; decorative plates by Mason’s; Doulton; etc.


  1. Nine pieces of Wedgwood Jasperware; a selection of decorative china


  1. A QEII Golden Jubilee commemorative tea set; similar items including 3 pieces of Wedgwood


  1. A 1930’s “Bell” china floral tea set, 36 pieces; Limoges and other decorative plates


201A. A Wedgwood “Mayfield” part dinner service, 34 pieces approx


  1. A selection of cut drinking glasses


  1. Ten Mason’s Christmas plates; a selection of decorative china


  1. A 19th century Royal Worcester biscuit barrel, ivory ground with gilt and polychrome decoration, and silver plated mounts


  1. Four pottery and 1 glass biscuit barrels with silver plated lids and mounts


  1. Three Carltonware Rouge Royale dishes decorated with exotic birds, chinoiserie and spider webs, lengths 12″, 10″ & 8½”; a similar vase decorated with spiders and brambles, height 7″


  1. Two Carltonware Rouge Royale dishes decorated with dragonflies, flowers and vines, 11½” & 9″; a similar small pedestal bowl and cigarette box; an oval green dish, length 6½”; a gilt and blue plate, diameter 9″


  1. Seven pieces of Carltonware decorated with convolvulus; a similar turquoise leaf dish (a.f.); 3 similar pieces


  1. A Carltonware 13 piece part coffee set in powder blue and gilt; 2 coffee cups and saucers; etc.


  1. A selection of Carlton green and yellow leaf ware including 2 salad bowls; a leaf dish; smaller dishes; butter dish in original box; other decorative pottery


  1. Eight various Coalport cottages


  1. A selection of Carlton leaf ware including tomato cruet; etc.; a 1950’s porcelain mounted dressing table set


  1. A Studio ware shallow dish with mottled turquoise glaze, impressed ‘Charles Vyse Chelsea’, diameter 7″ (hairline glaze crack); a floral dish


  1. A Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern baluster vase, coral against a green ground, signed 8″


  1. A Moorcroft anemone pattern shallow dish, green ground, signed, impressed, 8½”



  1. A Moorcroft Harvest Poppy baluster squat vase, height 4½”, No DP HPO P402/4, original label and impressed



  1. A Moorcroft Peacock Parade squat vase with grey ground, impressed, diameter 5½”



  1. A Bristol Blue bowl, signed, diameter 8″; a similar scent bottle; 2 Alum Bay glass vases with flared rims



  1. A pair of Murano ovoid slender vases in mottled orange, height 13″; 2 Murano Art Glass dishes



  1. A Royal Staffordshire rectangular plaque, Clarice Cliff Bizarre pattern with hand painted decoration, 9″ x 7″



  1. A Bretby 3 handled vase with drip glaze; a glazed leaf vase; a powder blue glazed vase



  1. Two Bretby leaf plates, 2 similar plaques depicting Shakespeare’s birthplace and Ann Hathaway’s cottage; 2 wall pockets; a Welsh lady plaque



  1. A cut glass 5 branch chandelier with drops; etc.


  1. A flambé ware vase with red and black mottled glaze, signed ‘E R Wilkes’, height 4″



  1. A Royal Doulton Carmel part dinner service, 21 pieces


  1. Three pieces of Maling lustre ware; Carltonware leaf dishes; 1930’s and other decorative pottery


  1. A Wedgwood Summer Sky part tea service including teapot; etc.; a Royal Doulton Fairfax part dinner service


  1. A large Victorian style glass chandelier, 12 branches with cut faceted drops (1 drip tray missing)


  1. A collection of Wedgwood Wild Strawberry trinket ware


  1. A collection of Wedgwood Ice Rose ware; Coalport; etc.


  1. A limited edition RSPB vase; a pair of Swarovski 3 branch candelabra; glassware and decorative china


  1. A selection of cut decanters; bowls and glassware


  1. A Paragon Belinda part tea set; a Coalport San Remo coffee set


  1. A pedestal bowl by Derek Clarkson, Rossendale Pottery, with red glazed decoration, diameter 5″


  1. A 20th century large blue and white ‘fish bowl’ with floral decoration, diameter 18½”, height 15″


  1. A QEII Golden Jubilee trinket box by Bilston & Battersea; an Aynsley cup and saucer; a Ximron Israeli art glass food platter; etc.


  1. A porcelain tea bowl and saucer; a similar tea bowl; a Lladro figure


  1. An Edwardian Carltonware biscuit barrel; a Carltonware Rouge Royale dish; a large collection of willow pattern and other blue and white china; a Boch Delft style wall plaque


  1. A Royal Standard “Lyndale” part tea and coffee service, 48 pieces approx; 5 pieces of Royal Worcester


  1. A 1930’s Wedgwood & Co part dinner service in green and gilt, 50 pieces approx


  1. An early 20th century Cauldon part tea service in classical gilt and blue, 24 pieces approx; 6 similar coffee cups and saucers


  1. A 19th century Royal Worcester style vase, ewer shaped, with hand painted gilt and floral decoration; a 19th century Royal Bonn floral baluster vase


  1. Two cut decanters; 6 Victorian glass egg cups; glass salts; other glassware


  1. A modern Waterford crystal vase of tapering form; 4 other pieces of Waterford glass; a pair of Webb Crystal goblets, boxed; Edinburgh Crystal brandy glasses; a boxed commemorative goblet; 6 Holmegaard shot glasses


  1. A Royal Doulton Pastorale 15 piece coffee set; a Wedgwood presentation plate, boxed; 3 19th century cabinet cups and saucers; decorative china


  1. A pair of 19th century Vienna plaques decorated with cherubs in polychrome, blue and gilt borders, diameter 10″; a pair of similar cabinet cups and saucers


  1. A selection of modern Rington’s tea canisters; decorative blue and white pottery


  1. Three Royal Doulton Willow pattern fruit bowls; other blue and white bowls; dishes; jugs; etc.


  1. A Royal Staffordshire blue and white part tea service with chinoiserie decoration, 20 pieces approx; 10 Royal Doulton Willow pattern dessert bowls; other 19th century and later blue and white teaware; jugs; etc.


  1. A large selection of Royal Doulton Willow pattern and other blue and white plates; dishes; etc.


  1. A Queen’s part tea set, oriental bamboo pattern, gold plated; a Victorian jardinière on stand; decorative china and glassware


  1. A Tiffany style leaded and coloured table lamp on leaded glass column; a gilt standard lamp with Tiffany style shade


  1. A Royal Doulton spherical flow blue vase decorated with children (neck rim repaired); a set of 5 Bradford Exchange oval collectors plates; other decorative plates; etc.


  1. A pair of Royal Doulton crystal decanters; a selection of others


  1. A cut crystal flat base decanter; 3 others; a jug; an early 20th century teapot


  1. A large modern oriental blue and white covered vase, height 33″


  1. A large Yuan Dynasty baluster shaped funerary vase with applied decoration of dragon and Immortals, 19.5″


  1. An archaic style Sung Dynasty baluster shaped funerary vase with applied decoration of dragon and Immortals, 15″


  1. A group of 3 Chinese Ming period terracotta tomb figures, 11″, 10.5″ and 8.5″


  1. A Chinese celadon glaze porcelain planter of square tapering section, decorated with flowering plants, 6.25″



  1. Two Studio pottery grey glazed vases by C D Nowell, Disley; a ribbed coffee pot by Terry Bell Hughes; a conical jug, possibly David Lloyd Jones; Purbeck pottery; etc.


  1. Two Beswick china figures of Airedale dogs: Talavera Romulus, length 6½”



  1. A Belleek porcelain basket weave covered vase, 6″; and another 7½”; a Solian Ware biscuit barrel; a Gibson’s teapot



  1. A Chinese Ming ceramic bowl, grey underglaze finish, 7.5″ diameter


  1. A Chinese Han Dynasty cocoon vase with flared rim and circular foot, 10″ width


  1. A Chinese Ming Dynasty terracotta domed cover with annular rings and treacle glaze, 6.25″


  1. An oriental porcelain turquoise glazed vase of ovoid form with elongated square section neck, seal mark to foot rim, 10″, in associated box


  1. A Chinese porcelain bowl with chestnut brown glaze, circular foot, 6 character underglaze blue mark to base, diameter 8.5″


  1. A Japanese porcelain vase of ovoid form with speckled brown slip glaze and narrow everted rim, 7.25″


  1. A Japanese porcelain vase of inverted baluster form with pale slip over red brown ground, 7.25″


  1. A Georgian pink cranberry glass vase with fluted cut decoration, clear glass pedestal foot with applied gilt, 7.5″


  1. A red and white overlaid glass vase with elongated neck and flattened rim, 13″


  1. A Rouen style French faience vase decorated in the 16th century manner with satyr heads and winged figures, 12″


  1. A GRAINGER & Co Royal Worcester China Works shell shaped peach ground dish decorated with flowers, 10″


  1. A Sitzendorf porcelain figure of a shepherd with sheep, 7.5″


  1. A pair of continental porcelain cabinet figures of boy and girl as gamekeeper and shepherdess, underglaze blue anchor mark, 5.75″


  1. A continental porcelain monkey band figure of a trumpeter, 5.75″


  1. A continental porcelain monkey band figure, bandmaster, 7″


  1. An Admiral Lord Nelson commemorative twin handled sconce mug with treacle glaze applied over relief portraits of Lord Nelson, 7.5″


  1. Four Staffordshire flatback groups and 2 Coalport cottages


  1. A Lladro figure; an Imari style vase; 6 cut glass wine glasses and glassware


  1. A gilt and crystal cascade chandelier with drops, 67cm diameter, 60cm drops, 12 bulb capacity


  1. A collection of Murano style miniature glass animals


  1. An octagonal blue and white Chinese wall plaque (large segment of border broken off but present); a set of 4 Chinese plates with burnt orange borders and famille rose bouquets in the centre (one cracked across and repaired) 9″; an early Victorian part tea set with raised lilac flowers (some pieces a.f.)




  1. An Edwardian yellow metal brooch stamped ‘375’ with 4 seed pearls and a central amethyst with safety chain, 8.3gm overall



  1. A yellow metal locket stamped ‘375’ on yellow metal box chain stamped ‘375’ with pendant incorporating central clear stone, overall 7.9gm



287A. A selection of early 20th century and later costume jewellery including necklace with opal style stone. Marquisette lizard, brooches etc


  1. A large selection of costume jewellery


  1. A wedding ring with internal inscription stamped ‘960’, 5gm


  1. A white metal inscribed identity bracelet stamped ‘750’. 8.5gm


  1. Two 22 carat gold wedding rings, 8.2gm


  1. Two 22 carat gold wedding rings inscribed internally, 7gm


  1. A selection of silver and plated souvenir spoons


  1. A silver glass holder; a similar trophy cup; a stem vase; 2 other items


  1. A silver purse (no interior); a continental silver cigarette box with Polish inscription to the lid interior


  1. Three silver cased hand mirrors; another (a.f.)


  1. A chain with triple and elongated alternating links, stamped 9KT’, 5.4gm


  1. A selection of costume jewellery, some with boxes


  1. Approximately 50 diamante necklaces and other costume jewellery


  1. A set of 6 hallmarked silver coffee bean spoons, cased, Birmingham 1936; a silver plated egg and spoon set and silver napkin ring


  1. Six Chinese white metal spoons in the form of snakes, cased, stamped ‘200’, Shanghai and other characters; etc.


  1. A gents Ingersoll wristwatch; a Pulsar and other watch accessories


  1. A yellow metal box chain stamped ‘375’; a diabetic pendant on chain, stamped ‘375’, total weight 11.4 gm


  1. A silver christening mug, Chester 1940; a pair of shell dishes, Chester 1905, 3 oz.; a jewellery box and contents



  1. A silver plated tapering claret jug; a 4 piece silver plated tea set; other silver plate


  1. A Victorian silver plated 4 piece tea set, chased decoration; an egg coddler; a Doulton biscuit barrel; silver plate


  1. A mahogany cased fish canteen with 6 knives & forks, and a pair of servers; 2 other cased sets of cutlery


  1. A silver capstan inkwell, Birmingham 1918; an engine turned cigarette box, London 1975 (a.f.)


  1. A Victorian chased silver cauldron salt, London 1862; a small silver dish, Birmingham 1924; a small continental dish


  1. Five various hallmarked silver napkin rings; salt spoons; etc


  1. A dress watch by Karen Millen, in original box



  1. A modern 18 carat white gold ring set 8 diamonds, 4 marquise cut stones forming an out circlet, and 4 square cut stones to the centre, to give the appearance of a solitaire, 1.76 carats, vs G – H, with original AGI Insurance certificate


  1. A large rectangular emerald block with incised carved decoration, 1291 carats, with Gemmological Laboratory of India certificate



  1. An oval domed facet cut ruby, 371 carats, with Gemmological Laboratory of India certificate




  1. An oval domed faceted sapphire with incised decoration, 502 carats, with Gemmological Laboratory of India certificate




  1. Three natural emerald stones with incised decoration, 155 carats, 119 carats & 107 carats, with Gemmological Laboratory of India certificate



  1. An Art Nouveau hallmarked silver butter knife; 2 white metal bracelets formed from Alberts, one with agate fob; a hallmarked silver bangle; an enamelled white metal bracelet; etc., 6.2 oz. gross


  1. A Victorian cameo brooch carved with 2 classical female busts in Greek key and yellow metal surround; a female bust portrait cameo brooch in 9 carat hallmarked gold surround



  1. An Edwardian scrolled bar brooch, gem set, stamped ‘9CT’; a Victorian style 9 carat split shank ring set with amethyst and opal coloured stones



  1. A yellow metal bow brooch with green heart drop and seed pearls (unmarked, tests as 18 ct, 5 gm gross); a Norwegian silver and enamel butterfly brooch; a Victorian silver bar brooch; a micro mosaic brooch; a carved wheatsheaf brooch



  1. A 19th century EPNS presentation trowel with ivory handle; an EPNS trench-art sugar and cream set; other EPNS


  1. An EPNS expanding toast rack; a manuscript book of poetry; a jewellery box; etc.


322A. A Georgian style gadrooned 4 piece tea set; other silver plate


  1. Two silver shell dishes, London 1902 & 8


  1. An engine turned cigarette case, monogrammed, stamped ‘sterling’


  1. A 19th century blue Jasperware biscuit barrel with EPNS lid; silver plate; cutlery; etc.


  1. A diamond solitaire dress ring, approx .6 ct, unmarked, tests as 18 ct


  1. A selection of modern white metal and moonstone jewellery comprising 3 pairs of earrings; 2 pendants and 2 rings


  1. A silver scalloped circular salver with chased decoration on 3 ball and claw feet, London 1862, 14½ oz.


  1. A pair of silver kings pattern sauce ladles, London 1860, 5.8 oz.; 2 barrel salts stamped ‘sterling’; a small eastern plate


  1. A part canteen of king’s pattern cutlery, 36 pieces approx


  1. A selection of cutlery and silver plate, including 2 soup ladles and 3 pewter mugs


  1. A hallmarked silver sugar dredger, Sheffield 1901, 5.7 oz.


  1. An oval silver plated gallery tray; 2 oak biscuit barrels with silver plated lids and mounts; a 19th century copper kettle; a novelty walking stick


  1. A 19th century 6 bottle cruet in silver plated oval stand


  1. A silver circular ashtray with Celtic border, Birmingham 1961, 3.7 oz.; 2 china bottle labels; an oval silver plated trinket box


  1. Twelve bust portrait shell cameos framed as one


  1. A gents Omega Genève Dynamic gold plated wristwatch with button numerals and date aperture, original receipt dated 12-3-64 (in working order with wear and scratches, extra non-matching link to strap)


  1. Two 9 carat gold gem set dress rings, one citrine, one garnet


  1. A gent’s Record wristwatch with 9 carat hallmarked gold back, Swiss movement and expanding strap, weight of back 3.5 gm; a gent’s Eterna Matic Centennaire wristwatch


  1. A gents Citizen Quartz wristwatch, cased; another by Rotary on steel strap


  1. A gents Lorus Chronograph wristwatch with leather strap (glass a.f.); a Klaus Kobec Entourage wristwatch with steel strap


  1. A pair of silver cufflinks with engraved crest, by Aspinal, in original box


  1. Three 9 carat gold dress rings set coloured faceted stones



  1. A set of 6 silver teaspoons and tongs with shell bowls, cased, London 1898; 2 cased sets of silver handle tea knives


  1. A white metal scent bottle with blue enamel top; a silver top trinket jar; a small Bristol blue jug with trailed decoration; a pair of Georgian style sugar nips


  1. A silver square ashtray with inscription (marks worn); an oval mustard pot and spoon, London 1903, 4 oz. total


  1. A set of 6 silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1943, 4.7 oz.


  1. An English Pewter fruit tazza, Art Nouveau design by W & Co, 11½”; a pair of Old Sheffield plate candlesticks, 9½”; other silver plate


  1. A Victorian silver plated ornate 3 piece tea set; 2 entree dishes; a communion dish; and another


  1. A pair of Norwegian parcel gilt boat salts; another salt; 2 silver napkin rings; a silver sweetmeat dish



  1. A cut glass scent bottle with silver top; a ring box; other pieces



  1. Six various silver teaspoons, 4.2 oz.; 2 silver plated shooting prize spoons


  1. A pair of Chinese carved cylindrical vases, circa 1920, 4″



  1. An Elkington & Co silver oval bread dish with embossed and pierced decoration, Birmingham 1898, 10½ oz.



  1. A silver pedestal rose bowl with embossed decoration “M E Howland Memorial Prize”, awarded to various individuals, including RQM, Sgt R Bale, 4th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, 1925, Birmingham 1902, 11¾ oz.



  1. A large collection of coinage including American dollars and other world coins


  1. A 19th century continental silver and silver cased cutlery service for fruit, comprising 12 forks (1 a.f.) and 4 servers


  1. A cased set of 6 teaspoons, beaded, enamelled and gilded, stamped ‘875’


  1. A Victorian field surgeon’s silver cased sterilizing spirit burner with hinged top and foldout stand, London 1897


  1. An early 20th century ladies wristwatch in 9 carat hallmarked gold case (net 3 gm); an Avia wristwatch on expanding strap; an Arnex wristwatch, stamped ‘750’, on expanding strap


  1. A ladies Avia 9 carat hallmarked gold wristwatch on woven strap, stamped 375′; 15.6 gm gross


  1. A ladies Art Deco cocktail watch with diamond inset decoration, on woven strap, stamped ‘PLATINE’ (hinges soldered)


  1. A gents open faced keyless dress pocket watch by Elgin, with chased and engine turned decoration


  1. A modernist leaf brooch set with turquoise coloured stones, and a similar pair of earrings, stamped ‘9CT A&D’, 9 gm


  1. An Edwardian yellow metal horseshoe stick pin set with 11 alternating diamonds and sapphires, unmarked


  1. A chased yellow metal heart and bow pendant set with 6 turquoises and a pearl, stamped ‘9CT’, 6.6 gm


  1. A Victorian 9 carat hallmarked gold swivel seal fob set with bloodstone and green agate; a horse head stick pin in horseshoe mount; a white metal stick pin set with opal coloured stone; a rope twist knot brooch


  1. A Dutch silver wine taster entwined dolphins finial, import marks


370A. A Vienna porcelain style scent phial with yellow metal screw top


  1. A 19th century gold stickpin set opal cabochon, boxed


  1. A pair of 19th century reading glasses with wire twist sides, the bridge stamped ‘9ct’


  1. An oval cut sapphire pendant in yellow metal mount and chain


  1. A bar brooch set 5 matched citrines, yellow metal mount, boxed


  1. A rococo style yellow metal pendant set single faceted stone, with chain


  1. A set of 6 Crescent blue and gilt coffee cups and saucers with hall marked silver mounts


  1. A silver plated 2 piece coffee set; a preserve jar and other silver plate; a cased set of fish knives and forks etc


  1. An Art Nouveau hallmarked silver photo frame and 2 smaller similar frames


  1. A cased set of 6 silver teaspoons, 1917; a 4-piece ribbed silver plates tea set on tray


  1. A Royal Army Medical Corps sweetheart brooch stamped ‘9ct’, boxed


  1. A Cameron Highlanders of Canada enamelled sweetheart brooch stamped ‘9ct’, boxed


  1. A Royal Air Force yellow metal brooch stamped ‘9c’, maker Charles Horner, boxed


  1. A British Navy yellow metal tie pin, red enamelled crown, boxed


  1. A Canadian engraved maple leaf tie pin, stamped ‘9ct’, boxed


  1. A 19th century micro mosaic set scarf pin, boxed


  1. A 9 carat gold and shell cameo bracelet, the 5 floral cameos carved in high relief and set in ribbon and rope twist decorated mounts


  1. A two colour jade scarf pin set in white and yellow metal, with 15 diamonds, spring 2 prong clip


  1. A 19th century 15 carat gold stick pin with open claw set diamond, cased


  1. An opal dress ring set 3 opals surrounded by sapphires, 9 carat gold shank


  1. A lady’s dress ring set rubies and diamonds, 9 carat gold shank


  1. An 18 carat gold dress ring set 5 graduating tanzanites, with certificate


  1. A modern scarf brooch set diamonds and sapphires in floral spray, yellow metal mount


  1. A striking eternity ring set eleven diamonds in a mixture of old and irregular facet cuts separated by pairs of diamonds with diamond set borders, yellow metal openwork shank


  1. A turquoise bead set brooch with 9 carat gold pin




  1. A box of World stamp albums – kiloware on/off paper


  1. A box of World stamp albums – kiloware on/off paper


  1. Three Viking albums, A – Z British Commonwealth, mint and used, QV – QEII


  1. Two onyx figures: rhino & lion on plinth, both height 30 cm, length 17 cm


  1. John Kingerlee (Irish 20th/21st Century): pencil and crayon sketch, signed with initials, 5¾” x 4″, framed and glazed


  1. A pre 1920’s Indian tea caddy, 5″; a set of 12 early 20th century oriental chopsticks with engraved dragon decoration, 10″


  1. A selection of various world stamps


  1. A bayonet; 2 paring knives; a WWII defence medal


  1. A small framed painting of 3 horses; a similar painting of a dog


  1. A Barlow: “Larger than Life”, northern street in the manner of Lowry, oil on board, monogrammed signature  to reverse, 11½” x 9½”, framed



  1. A Barlow: “Ned in Red”, in the manner of Lowry, oil on board, monogrammed signature to reverse, 7½” x 5½”, framed




  1. An Art Deco French clock garniture in coloured variegated onyx and marble, the 2 side vases decorated with bronze birds


  1. A Meerschaum cigar holder, silver mounted amber, cased; 2 small lacquer boxes; a rosewood box; an inkstand


  1. After W Simpson: 2 19th century prints, military battles


  1. Cassell’s History of England, 9 vols; Hume’s History of England, 7 vols; 6 Waverley novels


  1. A set of 19th century brass postage scales and weights on oak plinth


  1. William Langley: “Surrey Homestead”, oil on canvas, signed, 19″ x 29″, framed and glazed


  1. An 18th century copper warming pan and plate; a reproduction copper warming pan


  1. J H Sorey: Coastal seascape with rocky cliffs and boats, signed, framed


  1. Burnett: “The Moulin Rouge”, oil on canvas, signed, 24″ x 36″, framed


  1. A model of a 3-masted galleon “The Black Pearl”



  1. A 19th century French black slate mantel clock, architectural drum top, with variegated red marble mouldings, white enamel dial, visible escapement and drum movement striking on bell, by Henri Marc, Paris, height 20″



  1. A 19th century French black slate architectural mantel clock, with white enamel dial and visible escapement and drum movement striking on gong, with subsidiary painted calendar/moon phase dial, height 16½”



  1. 19th Century: head and shoulders portrait of an 18th century lady, miniature on ivory, framed


  1. Francis Russell Flint: Wooded landscape, watercolour, signed



  1. Robert Heindel: Ballerina, artist signed limited edition print; Scottish School:  Impressionistic scene with seated lady and figures in background, artist signed limited edition print, framed and glazed; Josep Domenech:  “Thoughts”, artist signed limited edition print with certificate, framed and glazed



  1. J Leech: half-length portrait of a Peruvian man and woman in traditional costume, oil on canvas, signed, 23½” x 16½”, framed and glazed


  1. L S Lowry: “The Pond”, artist signed print, with JLK blind stamp, 18″ x 23″, framed and glazed



  1. W Brant: Seascape, oil on canvas, framed


  1. Three 19th century style gilt framed prints: “Somerford Booth”, “Windermere” & “Wagenhaur”


  1. A 19th century French architectural mantel clock, black marble, with face mask mounts, exposed escapement and French striking movement (no pendulum or bell)


  1. A modern bronzed group of 2 horses; a bronzed resin group of 2 lovers



  1. A modern bronzed table lamp with mermaid column and flame shade; a bronzed owl and pheasant; a cast model Hermannsdenkmal Treu rest



  1. A 19th century Leitz brass and Japanned metal microscope with square objective and original box, E Leitz Wetzlar



  1. A 1930’s oak smoker’s cabinet with canted sides and 2 internal drawers; 2 1930’s embroidered footstools


  1. An oak music cabinet with hinged top


  1. A 20th century carriage clock with 3 subsidiary dials and hour repeating movement, by “L’Épée”, France


  1. 19th Century: watercolour study of a racehorse “Primrose League”, 12″ x 18″, framed


  1. Cynicus: watercolour of an ale house, 8½” x 6″; 2 signed etchings; another picture


  1. A 19th century watercolour and 3 others


  1. An Art Deco style table lamp with bronzed female dancer and globe shade


  1. A selection of stamps; postcards; etc.


  1. A bronzed figure of a young girl apple collecting, on marble base, height 11″


  1. Velosi: Continental scene, oil on canvas, 23½” x 35″, gilt framed


  1. A pair of cloisonnée vases decorated with cranes, on wooden bases


  1. A collection of modern GB QEII FDC’s; etc. (with list)


  1. 16th Century Style: half-length portrait of a bearded gentleman, oil on canvas, unsigned, 29″ x 23″, in gilt frame


  1. An oak aneroid barometer with thermometer


  1. A 19th century walnut Vienna wall clock with ebonised mouldings and spring driven striking movement


  1. A white painted miniature cabinet enclosed by 2 pierced doors; 3 items of burrwood treen; 2 pestles and mortars


  1. Martin Stewart Moore: Memories of Prestbury; 2 similar artist signed limited edition prints: Stockport & Alderley Edge, framed and glazed


  1. Charles MacCarthy: oil on canvas, “Doorway”, from Peter Feetham Gallery London, Nov 2014, signed with initials, 16″ x 20″, framed



  1. A selection of Chinese banknotes and a selection of Chinese stamps


  1. A selection of Chinese banknotes and a selection of stamps


  1. A selection of 50 plus world banknotes


  1. A pair of coloured prints after Moorland: Punch & Judy Show, and The Pedlar, framed and glazed


  1. L S Lowry: a set of 4 unsigned limited edition prints of pencil drawings – ‘Outside the Mill’; ‘Street Scene’; ‘Man taken ill’ & ‘Bank Failure’, 14″ x 10″, unframed


  1. Thomas Worlidge, 1700-1766: 8 etchings, portraits after Rembrandt and others, 6¼” x 5¼”, and smaller, 2 individually framed, 2 sets of 3 framed as one


  1. J Landseer after W M Craig: “Manchester from Mount Pleasant”, copper plate engraving, 1802, 12″ x 18″; after Anders Windmaier:  Winter landscape with figures, photogravure, 9¾” x 18″, in oak framed carved by Mrs S Band


  1. A collection of Victorian Australian state stamps in album


  1. An album of Victorian, Edwardian and later postmarks in album; an album of early QEII blocks of stamps


  1. A selection of various coins; etc.


  1. A large selection of various stamps in albums and loose


  1. A large selection of various stamps in albums and loose


468A. A large selection of various stamps in albums and loose


  1. A large arched furniture crest carved with a female head and garland


  1. Two 19th century Eastern/Tribal daggers; a small knife; a wooden egg


  1. A late 19th/early 20th century Middle Eastern picture frame, extensively inlaid and with cartouches of Arabic writing, 20″ x 15½” overall; a similar brass crescent mount


  1. Two early 20th century portrait miniatures depicting a gentleman and lady in 18th century dress, in sectional ivory frames


  1. A bronzed owl; an inlaid jewellery box; etc.


  1. J Dooley: pastel study of a female nude, monogrammed, 28″ x 11½”, framed and glazed


  1. A Treweek: Impressionist building, oil on board, 26″ x 23″, signed and framed


  1. An early 20th century aneroid barometer; an ebonised walking cane with silver top (split); a brass candlestick; a small wooden tray


  1. Arthur Delaney: signed limited edition print, 401/650, 13½” x 10″, framed and glazed; framed gouache of a fishing boat, signed ‘Dell’


  1. Arthur Delaney: Manchester Piccadilly, signed limited edition print 114/500, 13½” x 17½”, framed and glazed


  1. A Victorian leather hatbox; a picnic case


  1. A Victorian leather cabin trunk


  1. A Victorian leather suitcase


  1. A Victorian pieced brass fender


  1. A carved soapstone chess set with board; a set of Victorian style kitchen scales and weights


  1. A pair of large acrylic on board paintings, impressionistic portraits in black and white, 33″ x 44″


  1. A set of 4 oil on board paintings, still lives of flowers, in gilt frames and a similar smaller painting


  1. A selection of postcards


  1. A Heeley’s double lever corkscrew; a walking stick with silver plated top; a watercolour set in original box; 2 ‘T’ square rulers; cameras; etc.


  1. Rosemary Stubbs: “Winter Wood”, 10½” x 14″; River landscape with houses, watercolour, 11″ x 14½”, both signed, framed and glazed


  1. Rosemary Stubbs: Landscape with dry stone wall, watercolour, 9″ x 15″; Stone and whitewashed houses “Pittenweem”, watercolour,  9½” x 14½”; Country cottage, pastel, 10″ x 15″, all signed, framed and glazed


  1. An early 19th century oil on canvas depicting the Ascension of Christ into Heaven, 53″ x 36″ (Purchased from Sotheby’s Chester, ref Lot 5212 17th Feb 1984)



  1. A 1930’s wall mirror with portrait photograph of a drummer boy in the Manchester Regiment; another Art Deco mirror


  1. Cyril Johnson: etching of Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo signed, 8½” x 6¾”; a 19th century watercolour, coastal scene; a ship print; and another


  1. An Art Deco bronze and ivory figure group of a minstrel boy and his dog mounted and an oval variegated marble visiting card tray, 6″ high overall


  1. A 19th century hand painted miniature on porcelain Madonna and child, in a gilt metal shrine with strut support, 4.75″ high overall (1 hinge missing)


  1. An oriental ivory needle case, 6.25″ and a similar smaller case and a Japanese Imari vase


  1. A small pair of 19th century water colours, river landscapes; 2 water colours of butterflies signed D Amos, framed and glazed


  1. A water colour of a dog, signed; a walnut tea caddy; a gent’s leather cased toilet set; a pair of early 20th century brass photo frames


  1. E Ramus, Lake scene with island, water colour, signed, 7″ x 18″, framed and glazed and 4 other water colours


  1. Three large Victorian monochrome prints, framed and glazed


  1. A 19th century crystoleum, 18th century figures dining in front of a house


  1. A J Chadwick: a group of 3 Yorkshire scenes – Rocky Valley, Ilkley, Keighley Moor, and Goathland Moor, watercolours, each titled and signed, 6″ x 13″, uniformly gilt framed




  1. A large rectangular glass top gilt framed 2 tier coffee table


  1. An Edwardian child’s’ metamorphic high/low chair on castors


  1. A dark elm Ercol refectory dining table with stretcher base with 5 (4 + 1) Ercol chairs plus two other wheel back chairs


  1. A modern 2 tier octagonal coffee table with glass top and shelf below


  1. A Victorian mahogany loo table with central column and 3 splay feet, matched tilt top, length 55″, width 40″


  1. A circular mirror with peach border


  1. A Regency mahogany rounded rectangular fold over tea table on turned column and 4 splay feet


  1. A William IV rosewood fold over card table with baluster column with carved lower section, quatrefoil base, 4 scroll feet and castors



  1. A 1930’s court cupboard with upper cupboard, 2 cupboards and 2 drawers under



527A. A Knoll settee



  1. An Edwardian wind-out dining table on reeded legs, with 2 spare leaves



  1. A set of 7 Scottish oak high back dining chairs on turned reeded legs



  1. A 1930’s oak Welsh dresser with 2 height Delft rack, 3 drawers and cupboard under



  1. An 18th century oak high back dining chair


  1. A Jacobean style side cabinet with 2 carved panel doors and 2 drawers


  1. A 19th century mahogany chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers


  1. An Edwardian armchair by Waring & Gillows; a box seat stool



  1. A pair of 1920’s/30’s wing back armchairs in gold brocade


  1. An Edwardian carved mahogany 2 tier occasional table with circular top


  1. A 1930’s oak oval gate leg dining table on barley twist legs; 4 1930’s dining chairs


  1. A Jacobean style hall wardrobe


  1. Three “Country Chippendale” elm dining chairs; a modern cane and lightwood armchair


  1. A 1930’s gadrooned oak demi-lune 2 tier hall table


  1. An Edwardian tub shaped armchair in gold dralon; a Sheraton style inlaid rosewood nursing chair


  1. A 19th century square top occasional table on barley twist column and 3 carved feet


  1. A Georgian mahogany bow front corner cupboard enclosed by 2 doors


  1. An early 20th century mahogany 8 drawer specimen cabinet


  1. A 19th century mahogany display cabinet enclosed by 2 glazed doors; a similar cabinet


  1. An Edwardian mahogany 4 drawer music cabinet


  1. A dark stained African tribal stool with square top


  1. A dark stained African tribal stool with circular top on 4 splay feet; a carved rectangular occasional table on barley twist legs


  1. An oval coffee table on elephant carved column


  1. An Edwardian Sheraton style mahogany full height corner cupboard with satinwood crossbanding and inlaid decoration, astragal glazed upper door and panelled door to base


  1. A Stag Minstrel mahogany bedroom suite comprising triple wardrobe, dressing table and stool, chest of drawers and 4’6″ bed with turned half columns


  1. A period style walnut full height display cabinet, by Selva, enclosed by 2 doors with bevelled glass panels


  1. A reproduction oak dining suite comprising oval extending table, 4 ladder back chairs, and full height wall unit


553A. A Regency style marble top side table with inlaid decoration on tapering legs



  1. A set of 4 Edwardian stained beech salon chairs; a pair of oak bedroom chairs


  1. An oak framed Arts & Crafts armchair


  1. A reproduction yew wood kneehole desk


  1. An early/mid-20th century golden oak sideboard by Waring & Gillows, with carved low raised back, 2 drawers, 2 arched side cupboards and central double cupboard, all set with burrwood panels, on turned legs, impressed stamp and metal label, length 68″



  1. A Victorian oak coal scuttle with heavy medieval style brass mounts


  1. A Queen Anne style figured walnut wardrobe with mirror door and base drawer, by Maples, London



  1. A 1920’s oak Chippendale style fold-over tea table with pierced brackets and square legs


  1. A Regency period mahogany fold over tea table on turned column and 4 reeded splay feet


  1. A late 19th / early 20th century armchair upholstered in grey fabric


  1. An Edwardian inlaid mirror door triple wardrobe


563A. A mahogany double door wardrobe


  1. An oak framed 2-piece suite bergère suite comprising 2 seater sofa and armchair with cream cushions


  1. A country made longcase clock with circular painted dial, in stained mahogany case


  1. An early 20th century mahogany 3 piece bergère lounge suite comprising 2 seater settee and a pair of armchairs, with bulbous front columns and bun feet, in rust dralon


  1. A 1930’s walnut display cabinet with serpentine front and double doors


  1. A 1930’s period style figured walnut tallboy with double cupboard and 3 drawers



  1. A 19th century brass bound kneehole desk with inset leather effect top, 9 drawers, on tapering legs and castors (a.f.)



  1. An Edwardian mahogany oval Pembroke table with satinwood banding, on tapering legs and castors


  1. A 19th century mahogany circular 2 tier dumb waiter on turned column and tripod base


  1. A set of early 20th century Cromwellian style dining chairs with studded leather backs and seats


  1. A Jaycee period style oak dining suite comprising refectory table on turned bulbous legs, length 72″, and 8 high back chairs with oxblood hide studded seats and backs



  1. A Jaycee period style oak dresser with 2 cabinets and shelves and 4 drawers over 4 arch panel cupboards



  1. A Jaycee period style oak china cabinet enclosed by 2 leaded glass doors



  1. A nest of 3 mahogany occasional tables


  1. A 1920’s oak washstand with marble top, shelf under, on turned legs


  1. A Middle Eastern brass and lacquered table on carved legs


  1. An Arkana low seat black chair and matching stool, Bath England, Reg design 924955



  1. A golden oak fall front coal box


  1. An Edwardian walnut 2 tier octagonal occasional table; a 1930’s oak 2 tier tea trolley with drawer


  1. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner armchair; a pair of similar salon chairs


  1. A mahogany large oval pedestal dining table on turned column and 3 splay feet


  1. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany 3 piece drawing room suite comprising 2 seater settee and a pair of armchairs, in rust velvet


  1. A pair of 1930’s oak bookcases enclosed by leaded glass doors


  1. A box seat pouffe in black hide effect


  1. An Edwardian mahogany oval 2 tier occasional table; a similar rectangular table


  1. An Edwardian carved walnut sideboard base of 2 cupboards and 3 drawers


  1. An Edwardian narrow 4 height chest


  1. An Edwardian pine chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers


  1. An Edwardian oak pedestal cupboard enclosed by panel door


  1. A 1930’s oak barley twist rectangular occasional table; a similar occasional table


  1. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany washstand with 2 doors


  1. A small stained mahogany chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers


  1. A set of 4 Victorian style mahogany dining chairs with balloon backs


  1. Two mahogany framed oval wall mirrors; a similar rectangular mirror


  1. A child’s hoop back rocking chair; a child’s rush seat rocking chair; a dolls crib


  1. An oak bedside cabinet with cupboard and 2 drawers; an office armchair


  1. A nest of 3 reproduction mahogany trio tables


  1. A reproduction mahogany drop leaf pedestal occasional table; a similar pedestal occasional table


  1. A reproduction mahogany demi-lune hall table; a wine table


  1. A glass top rectangular coffee table on X framed base


  1. A 19th century rosewood cross framed dressing stool


  1. A leather covered “Mapa Mundi” pouffe


  1. A modern armchair in mustard coloured hide


  1. A modern 3 piece suite in brown hide comprising 2 seater settee, armchair and pouffe


  1. A nest of 3 cream painted trio tables


  1. A pine full height bookcase


  1. A modern cheval mirror and tie rack; a wrought metal full height stand


  1. A modern light oak 3’ bed and bedside cabinet


  1. A modern lightwood 4’6″ bed


  1. A modern light oak dining suite comprising rectangular table, high back chairs, and sideboard of 2 cupboards and 3 drawers


  1. A modern light oak 2 tier rectangular coffee table and side table


  1. A modern bedroom suite in white finish


  1. A pair of modern tub shaped armchairs in brown hide, by W Schillig


  1. An arch top gilt framed mirror and 3 others


  1. A 19th century oak mule chest with hinged lid, 2 drawers and front panel decoration


  1. A mid-20th century Zender upright piano, teak cased, iron framed and overstrung, on castors


  1. A set of reproduction pine folding library steps


  1. A reproduction yew wood circular extending dining table, on pedestal base, and 4 chairs


  1. A reproduction yew wood sideboard with 3 doors and 3 drawers; a matching cupboard with single door and hinged lid


  1. A 19th century small carved oak corner cupboard with straight front


  1. A Victorian figured mahogany scotch chest with 3 long, 4 small, and hat drawers, barley twist side columns and pulvinated frieze drawer


  1. A reproduction mahogany twin pedestal desk with inset leather top and 7 drawers


  1. A distressed oak circular pedestal occasional table; a similar rectangular table


  1. A nest of 3 period style distressed oak tables comprising coffee table and 2 smaller


  1. A 1930’s oak oval drop leaf dining table on barley twist legs


  1. A period style matched dining suite comprising extending refectory table on carved bulbous legs, 8 (6 + 2) ladder back chairs with rush seats, and low line sideboard


  1. A Far Eastern carved wood standard lamp in the form of a dragon


  1. A 19th century small mahogany chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers


  1. A 1960’s light oak nest of 3 occasional tables by Gordon Russell, with stamp


  1. A modern next of glass and metal occasional tables; a similar single 2 tier table


  1. A Victorian style dog bed, cream painted wrought iron with scrolled back and ends


  1. A 1950’s birds eye maple dressing table with twin cupboards and mirror over drawers


  1. A small hardwood side cabinet


  1. A 19th century hand knotted Persian rug with red ground; a 19th century Turkish runner


  1. A 1930’s oak sideboard with 2 cupboards and 3 drawers


  1. Two Victorian towel rails


  1. An Edwardian style folding chair with needlework upholstery; a pine 2 tier magazine rack


  1. A 19th century child’s turned wood American rocking chair; a child’s cane armchair


  1. A set of 3 Victorian balloon back dining chairs


  1. A carved oak drop leaf table, 36″


  1. A 1930’s Arts & Crafts oak narrow bookcase, glazed door enclosing 3 shelves; another bookcase; 2 table book stands


  1. A Georgian mahogany fall front bureau with fitted interior, 3 long and 2 short drawers and bracket feet


  1. An early 20th century figured walnut 3-piece bedroom suite comprising triple wardrobe (rear foot a.f.), kneehole dressing table and marble top washstand


  1. An early 20th century ebonized occasional table with carved decoration (some woodworm treatment)


  1. An early G-Plan 3 piece bedroom suite comprising 2 double wardrobes and a dressing table with large oval mirror